Candace Owens, Kanye West, and George Floyd Trending


George Floyd is trending again, and a daring Candace Owens is why. Not only did she tweet a clip of Kanye talking about Floyd, but she agreed with him. No, the clip wasn’t about Jewish people. Kanye says in the clip that George Floyd died of drugs. He said we were all lied to.

The cancel culture guardians of our speech will not like this at all.

I’ll have to pay to see the documentary and let you know what’s in it.

Candace linked to a tweet with Kanye saying George Floyd died of drugs in his system. She also commented, “Did you watch the documentary? I mean how ignorant are we going to be? Kanye is accurately referring to the trial— everything was clarified in the George Floyd trial, where they showed the full arrest tape from different angles. YOU WERE LIED TO. WAKE UP.”

As far as George Floyd, we do have an autopsy. Doctors didn’t stick up for it at trial, but maybe you want to read it.

When arrested, Floyd was foaming at the mouth, which is a sign of fentanyl poisoning. He commented about swallowing drugs so as not to get caught with them.

The autopsy shows Mr. Floyd had three to four times the amount of Fentanyl needed to kill a person, and he had pot and meth in his system. The arresting officer said he was foaming at the mouth


Autopsy 2020-3700 Floyd by Johannah Winter on Scribd

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5 months ago

Floyd brought this demise on himself. He was a very large man with a reputation for violence, a rap-sheet as long as your arm and a frequent flyer in prison and jail. He was resisting arrest, fighting with the officers for twenty minutes as these same officers tried talking to him into cooperating. He was a thug with a penchant for violent behavior. One of his many atrocities was holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly, threatening to kill her unborn child while his accomplices ransacked her home for items to steal. He was captured later driving away in the getaway car. 

His airway was never compromised because the officer’s knee was on Floyd’s upper back between the scapulae, not his neck. If one watches the video it’s totally apparent. He did not die from asphyxiation as three independent autopsies have shown. Those same autopsy reports proved he had methamphetamine, fentanyl, marijuana and alcohol in his blood-stream. The conclusion was the substances in his system coupled with the adrenalin because of his combativeness gave him system failure. 

Finally, he was breaking many federal and state laws at the time. One of those was passing counterfeit bills. The guy was a thug and killed himself in a manner of speaking.  He was certainly not the big teddy-bear as the lying media’s narrative is spewing out.

5 months ago

Kanye says in the clip that George Floyd died of drugs and that was true and known from the very beginning, but that didn’t fit with the Democrat narrative. When things don’t fit the Democrat Narrative the FAKE NEWS lies to us. We need to be able to hold the MEDIA accountable for blatant lies and propaganda. Opinion is one thing, and INDIVIDUAL Opinion should never be censored. but presenting Lies as News by MEDIA is Malicious and the MEDIA organizations who do that should pay dearly and if it was with Malicious intent and Malice should be disbanded.

The reality about George Floyd was that he was going to died from a drug overdose no mater what the Police did and he Resisted Arrest so the actions of police to protect themselves was justified. We need to get back to the concept of if you Resist Arrest, you lose ALL protections because a Cop’s life is now in danger and even a Cop has a right to protect himself from harm! Cops Lives Matter; and a Cop’s Life matters more than a criminals because the Cop is there to protect us from the Criminal! All the Monday Morning Quarter Backing is Bullshit! When I was a kid, if you Resisted Arrest, you went to the hospital before jail and needed a lot of dental work to boot. Resisting Arrest is a choice and should be a BAD CHOICE!

That Said; the Police and FBI kicking down doors to someone’s residence should be STOPPED. All that does is destroy police credibility and creates questions as to are police there to keep the peace. A “Raid” on a residence just says Law Enforce has failed in building a credible case, is on a fishing expedition, and is using intimidation to try and make a case. NO ONE should ever have their door kicked in without first been given the opportunity to come down to the Police Station with their Lawyer and turn themselves in. Jack Booted Nazis kick down doors! Militarizing Police is extremely dangerous to a Civilized Society. It leads to Revolutions with was a grievance of the Colonies and the hold reason for a 4th Amendment. When anyone in Law Enforcement lies or even stretches the truth on a Warrant that should be at least 20 years in Jail – Minimum! The same when Law Enforcement blatantly lies about facts in Court.