Carrie Prejean Takes Down the Dishonest Authors of the NY Times Anti-Trump Hit Piece


ms prejean

The New York Times is starting to look like a gossip tabloid but I would trust TMZ before I’d trust them.

The New York Times published a hit piece on Donald Trump this past Saturday which described all of Trump’s dealings with women as crass, disrespectful and vulgar. The only problem is it was a lie and the women mentioned in the article are starting to come out against the piece and, in one case, the woman who didn’t had nothing much to say except that she doesn’t like his language and didn’t like being told she likes her candy. That woman, Ms. Res, owes her career success to Donald Trump.

A former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, went through a vicious attack when she was asked as a finalist in the Trump-owned Miss Universe contest if she believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Because she does, she was put through a massive assault from the left. She was cited in the deceitful and bad piece of journalism in the New York Times by Michael Barbaro and Meghan Twohey.

Carrie was interviewed by Sean Hannity on his radio show Tuesday and said what almost every woman mentioned in the article has now said – Trump was a gentleman and helped them. Trump stood by her.

There were a lot more revelations and the segment is worth listening to right to the end.

Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer said if this is the best the New York Times can do, “It’s time to plan for the inauguration”.

The NY Times article was garbage and a disgrace to journalism.

Model Quoted in NY Times Anti-Trump Hit Piece Makes Some Startling Accusations

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6 years ago

I hope someone makes the NY Times pay dearly, and learn by putting the 20 anti- Trump reporters on more important matters. Maybe OBama should be where they begin.