Cartoonist AF Branco’s Amazing Conservative Mind


Antonio Branco is one of the finest cartoonists today and he is a Conservative!

Mr. Branco supplies cartoons for some of the most prestigious online conservative sites.

What drives him? He says it’s his adherence to his values. I’d like to add that it is also his humor and artistic talent.

Mr. Branco has no shortage of brilliant ideas.

Check out his interview on Fox News:

video via Liberty Alliance

Here are a few of his recent cartoons. If I post any on Facebook, they travel like lightening. [If you have trouble seeing the cartoons, reload the page]

IRS-Surgeon-590-LA-w-logo Photo via

Crisis-IRS-590-LILegalInsurrection Photo via

Death-Panel-600-w-logonetrightdaily photo via

Rosen-Fox-590-LA-wLOGOpatriot update Photo via

Google-Data-590-LI-2legalinsurrection Photo via

See what I mean? I’m just glad he’s on my side!


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