CBS Caught Falsifying Documentary on Guns So They Could Promote Gun Control


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CBS jumped the shark on their documentary titled “Under the Gun” about the gun policy. The producers deliberately manipulated a scene to make it seem as if there is no answer to the question, “How do you prevent felons and terrorists from walking into say a licensed gun dealer, and purchasing a gun.”

When she asked a group from the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League that question, the camera panned from one to the other and they look like deer in the headlights with nothing to say. They made it look like “stunning silence”.

That, however, was a complete lie. They cut out their answers. The audio of their responses can be heard on the video linked here.

They had plenty to say.

The director of “Under the Gun” says he edited there to give people time to contemplate the question.  She apologized with a lie in other words.

It’s “distorted editing”, Howard Kurtz said. It is not acceptable journalism. Katie Couric doubled down and said she is proud of the film.

The president of the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League said it was a nightmare, a total deception and when he saw what Katie Couric did, he couldn’t believe it.

CBS isn’t changing it. They’re keeping the lie!

Ammoland said that they cooperated with the documentary after being told the documentary was being made “In order to fully understand the complexities of this hot button topic and speak to an audience with varied viewpoints, Ms. Couric is very eager to include all perspectives in this discussion.”

It turned out to be an “infomercial” for “gun control”, they reported.

Ammoland wrote:

While the movie claims to be a documentary, it’s clear after watching it that it was never intended to be a balanced presentation of the issues.

People from other gun groups were also interviewed, but in the end the video dedicated a mere fifteen minutes or so to the pro-self-defense side (of which VCDL had only about four minutes), while giving an hour and a half to the antis.


Couric said she stands by the falsified documentary even though they won’t make changes.

More at Ammoland…

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  1. Do you see why I don’t watch CBS, NBC, ect? Bend the news (truth) at all times. They disgust me with their lies.

  2. When will you people learn that the left new groups will not give you a fair chance in this debate. You think you’re going to be given the chance to tell your side of the story and look what happens you’re made to look like fools. You should have known this from the beginning, you think they will worry about being called a liar nope not one bit. Maybe in the future you will just not talk to them…

  3. The American People faces two dangers: 1) The Billionaire owned media, that thrive on disinformation 2) The Billionaire owned weapons industry that thrive on war.

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