Charles Krauthammer, Rand Paul, Ralph Peters on Syria – Videos


Senator John McCain didn’t need to listen to the opinions of his colleagues about war in Syria during the Senate hearings Tuesday as can be seen in this photo in which he is playing poker. After all, it was a 3 hour meeting and he is John McCain.

John McCain on Monday said the president must have a strategy and a plan. As is often the case with McCain, he says the right things and does not follow through. He is no longer demanding that. It was mere rhetoric.

mccain poker

McCain is under the belief that the Free Syrian Army are good people but he is ignoring Israeli intelligence which points to al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood elements within the Army.

The Senate is drafting a resolution to be voted on by next week which gives the President power to strike for 60 days with an extension of 30 days if needed. A vote in the Senate could come as early as today.

The House has more members opposed to it than the Senate, with support from only 19 Democrats so far.

There is bipartisan support and opposition, however, some have said they will support the president even though they are opposed because of their shared political affiliation.

The Wall Street Journal posted an article Tuesday stating that the arms we have agreed to send to Syria have not reached the rebels because the CIA agents cannot find non-jihadis to transfer the weapons to [WSJ].

Last night, Bill O’Reilly made a compelling case for ‘doing the right thing.’ Use of chemical weapons is a horrific crime, especially when used against the innocent.

He also expressed the view that the far-right doesn’t want to do the ‘right thing’ because they hate Mr. Obama.

I can only speak for the Sentinel. We do not hate Mr. Obama or want to do the wrong thing out of partisan beliefs. Our concerns center around the ineptitude he has exhibited in his handling of the Syrian conflict and our lack of trust in his ability to handle it going forward.

The Sentinel also has concerns about supporting forces aligned with al Qaeda. The Free Syrian Army willingly joined forces with al-Nusra.

O’Reilly demonized right-wingers as being so mentally limited they would not support Obama no matter what. Charles Krauthammer believes, on the other hand, that if a responsible person were in Mr. Obama’s position, they would have a strategy and an objective and they would have support. Krauthammer pointed out that the strike as outlined by Obama accomplishes nothing.

Krauthammer tromped O’Reilly on this one. O’Reilly was gentle with Democrats who support Obama for partisan reasons but described Conservatives as hateful.

Senator Rand Paul is concerned that the Obama administration plans to strike no matter what Congress decides. Paul said their is no military objective and the only reason Mr. Obama has is to save face. The presidential strategy includes enough warnings leaked to Assad that he has time to move his weapons, which he is apparently doing, reportedly moving them to populated areas.

Col. Ralph Peters sees no strategy, no plan, no objective and no clear vision of how to deal with asymmetrical responses. Col. Peters describes in the video some unintended consequences that are not being prepared for. There are strong indications that we will need boots on the ground.

Charlie Rangel wants to re-impose the draft. He thinks that is fairer than a volunteer army.

Multiple deployments are troublesome.

General Thomas McInerny said the real disturbing thing is we have no vital interests there. This will put Israel in a terrible position and we might help radical Islamists come to power.

There are, however, Syrian forces we could empower should Assad be overthrown.


We did this in Libya which is now a failing state. Al Qaeda is taking over the country. The large number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the puppet government we set up are ruining the country.

Libya might not be able to pay civil workers by the end of this year. Foreign interests who could invest in the country left Libya once our mission was attacked and Ambassador Stevens was murdered.

We won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and then turned Iraq over to Iran and Afghanistan is about to be given to the Taliban.

Why should we trust Mr. Obama?

The UN said that we have no right to attack Syria unless we are defending ourselves. We have no coalition.

The Syrian people want US intervention and boots on the ground. They are living in hell. Unfortunately, it might be best for everyone else if we don’t go in because of Russian, Iranian and Chinese involvement. The lack of decisiveness and the two-year delay has made it very difficult to determine who is who in the Syrian forces. The lack of an immediate response to the use of chemical weapons has emboldened Assad. Obama blew it and now he wants a quick strike to try and save his reputation.

Obama only wants to strike quickly and not look to change the Assad regime. What’s the point? To make him look better? He went out golfing immediately after his speech and appears detached. Why would anyone join his coalition or trust him? He’s not a serious president.


Photo of the Ayatollah, the real problem we choose to ignore

The real menace is Iran and they are acquiring weapons that are far worse than chemical weapons. We are looking the other way on Iran while all this is going on.


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