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In a press conference in London, John Kerry was asked if there was anything that could be done to avoid a strike on Syria. He haphazardly said, to paraphrase, sure, Assad could give up all the chemical weapons in the next week.

The Russians took him up on it and proposed that Assad do just that. Assad said he welcomes that.

When Barack Obama was interviewed Monday night, he said that he would give this compromise a chance.

At one point during the interview he said that he discussed the proposition with the Russians when he was in St. Petersburg. The fact is this proposal was nothing more than a slip of the tongue by Kerry.

It’s unlikely that the proposal can even be enacted. The UN inspectors who took samples to determine if a chemical attack had occurred barely made it out alive. How they are going to send people into war torn Syria to collect and destroy chemical weapons is a mystery.

We will look very weak to the rest of the world. Barack Obama allowed two dictators to bail him out. Two professionals and one amateur.


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