CIA Chief: Foreign Intel Services Have Hillary’s Confidential State Dept. Communications


Hillary Clinton matches Barack Obama’s arrogance and disdain for the safety of the American people and American intelligence. She had to know that putting her work communications on a private server was the same as sharing it with our enemies but she did it anyway because the enemy getting it was less of a concern that the American people getting it.

Listen to what Mike Morell, the former CIA head had to say about the certainty that her data was hacked by a foreign enemy.

Mike Morell said Hillary Clinton did not use “a very good judgment” when she used a private server for her State Department communications.

When asked as a professional matter if he believed “at least one or maybe many foreign intelligence users, services have everything that went to and from that server?”

Morrell said, “So I think that foreign intelligence services, the good ones, the good ones, have everything on any unclassified network that the government uses, whether it’s a private server or a public one. They’re that good.”

Hewitt said, “So that’s a yes?”

Morrell answered, “Yup.”


In mid-April, Lt. General Flynn, the former chief of the DIA, said during an interview with Megyn Kelly, that he hopes Hillary Clinton can sleep at night with what she’s done.

He made it clear that her actions posed a high national security risk and that if he had done something similar, he would expect to be fired.

“As a military officer if I said I was doing something for convenience sake to the soldiers I was leading, and it was solely for my convenience, I should be relieved of duty. I would expect to be fired,” Flynn said.

Megyn Kelly said that Hillary Clinton’s server was physically protected by secret service but she asked the general if he thought Clinton was hacked.

He thought the odds were “very high” – “likely” – that the Chinese and the Russians hacked into her server, her email. There are other countries that are our “allies” who would do it simply because they can. We should know who is watching that server. That belonged to the government.

Lt. Gen. Flynn added that she could have protected the server, but he knows how our adversaries work. He hopes that she can sleep at night with what she’s done.

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