Clintons Made Millions by Making Russia A Uranium Giant‏


Thanks to Hillary Clinton and other secretaries, the Russians control almost half of our uranium in the United States. We are now hearing the Clintons made up to $140 million in donations from these deals.

This is a possible quid pro quo between Russia and Hillary Clinton’s State Department with Hillary at the center. It involves national security, big money and foreign influence in US government. One thing that is certain is Hillary Clinton sold us out to the Russians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to control the world’s nuclear energy. In January, 2013, the Russian atomic energy agency – Rosatom – took over a Canadian company with vast uranium-mining stakes.

This made Russia one of the world’s largest uranium producers. This put him closer to controlling the global uranium supply chain.

The leaders of the Canadian mining industry that sold off to the Russians are major donors to the Clinton charitable foundation.

The sale gave Russia control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. It was signed off on by the Hillary Clinton State Department.

As the Russians assumed control of the company – called Uranium One – over three separate transactions (2009-2013) – Uranium One’s chairman used his foundation to give the Clinton foundation $2.35 million not publicly disclosed despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had with the Obama White House.

There were other donations like this.

There were supposed to be agreements between the US and Russia to ease concerns, but that never happened.

There is more and it comes from the new heavily and meticulously researched book, Clinton Cash and from the NY Times’s own thorough examination.

There is no DNA evidence but the circumstances lead one to become extremely concerned about which master Hillary Clinton will please if elected president – she appears to have many.

Read the rest of the story – it’s 13 pages long – at the NY Times linked below.

It’s explained at America’s Newsroom:

Read the article at the NY Times, Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company

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