Clips from Eric Bolling’s Interview with Edward Snowden’s Father


Edward Snowden,whistleblower or traitor1 Photo of Edward Snowden

Dick Cheney labeled Edward Snowden a traitor on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Fox commentator Eric Bolling, on the other hand, sees Edward Snowden as heroic and his viewpoint is likely the reason that Lonnie Snowden, Eric’s father, chose Bolling to conduct an interview about his son.

The video below has brief clips from the interview which will air in total on Fox News.

Lonnie Snowden’s father wants his son to stop leaking secrets, come home, and face what he has done.

Over the weekend, Edward Snowden revealed that during the G20 summit in 2009, foreign politicians had their phones hacked and their computers monitored by the UK. Fake Internet cafés were set up to trick them into revealing their communications. [the Guardian]

In the same newspaper, Snowden said that NSA targeted Medvedev at the G20 summit.

It strains credulity that Medvedev wouldn’t have expected that, especially given Putin’s past as head of the KGB. The Guardian article talks about how well the meetings went, hinting that it was because of advanced knowledge.


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