CNN Anchor Asks What Was the Alligator Thinking


laneI hate the media.

Lane Graves, the 2-year-old boy who was grabbed Tuesday night by an alligator, has been found dead. He was standing with his parents in one foot of water. The sign said “no swimming”. It’s hard to understand why alligators are in these lagoons. Why aren’t there warning signs. Where are the wildlife people? Florida needs to do something because these alligators are out of control.

The parents came from Nebraska for this dream trip to Disney. The father tried to save the baby but the gator dragged him under the water and drowned him.

I don’t know how you recover from this.

After this horrific tragedy in Orlando, Brook Baldwin of CNN asked animal expert, Tim Williams what the alligator was thinking.

BALDWIN: “There were signs, no swimming. I don’t know if there were no wildlife signs. I realize that when you come to Florida, Florida has a lot of gators. What do you think — if the child was walking around the periphery of this lagoon, it was nighttime, what would the gator be thinking?”

WILLIAMS: “Splashing is attractive to these animals. It could sound like some animal struggling in the water. They come over to see what it is. If they think they have a chance to take that animal, they will. So there’s a lot of things that play in on this.“



  1. There are reportedly about a million alligators in Florida. They can and do travel long distances overland from one body of water to another.

    I stayed in Disney World 2 years ago and saw no signs, warnings or literature with any mention that there were alligators in the lakes and waterways throughout the resort. I expect that Disney is going to see a heap of legal problems.

    • I think you put your finger on why they didn’t have signs: it would be bad for business. And they probably thought the danger was slight.


    • I was thinking the same thing! How STUPID can that news anchor be??? All the Alligator was looking for was dinner and that is the normal time alligators feed! At Dusk!

  3. The alligator was a homophobic Christian that supports Trump and must be stopped. (Sorry, that fits 90% of the CNN stories) It is very sad. Without a doubt, the resort executives held a meeting where no notes were taken to discuss the cost to business if they posted a sign warning of alligators vs the cost of a lawsuit if an alligator got somebody. And as terrible as that is, it must happen. Otherwise all cars would cost over $100k and not go more than 10 miles per hour, no building would be more than 1 story etc etc. My heart goes out to the family.

    • True Christians, who follow the teachings of Christ, don’t have irrational fears (phobias) about homosexuals, and MANY of us do not support Trump. But no liberal news agency would believe that.

  4. I cannot imagine the horror that this child and his parents have suffered. My most sincere condolences go out to the family.

  5. It was a very sad accident. The parents are certainly not to blame, nor is the alligator. The alligator was acting on instinct, he sensed splashing and did what alligators do. The toddler was doing what toddlers do, walk and splash in the water. I feel very sad for the family. I cannot even start to imagine how they will heal and move forward. I’m not sure what else Disney could have done differently. There is a no swimming sign, they could have put alligators may be present, but alligators could have been on the shore as well as in the water and it was dark. It’s FL, they are everywhere.

    • Wading along the edge isn’t swimming. This is so sad! Disney should know alligators have a habit of showing up where there’s water, and should have been keeping it monitored each day. And they really do nee a notice for the public, as people from other states aren’t aware. “Wonder what the alligator was thinking”???? Another well educated liberal idiot!

  6. Funny, when was there about 3 years ago, I saw the “No Swimming” signs. The witnesses saw the “No Swimming” signs. The only ones with an “I didn’t see a sign” excuse are the 2 yr. old and the gator.

      • It doesn’t matter what his body movements were…he was in the damn water. That water is nasty. He was very likely sloshing water everywhere.

      • The boy was in the water. If I see a “No Swimming” sign I take that to mean stay out of the water. Should the sign have read, “No Swimming, which includes, but not limited to, walking, wading, hand standing, sitting or splashing”?

  7. Every creature in Florida wants to bite or eat you. There are countless stories of gators showing up on golf courses and upper affluent neighborhoods. Just because the surrondings do not look like a swamp doesn’t mean it’s safe. Gators are the greatest opportunity predators going. Millions of years of survival proves that. If your in a state that has a million gators and you see a sign that says no swimming and you let your two year old wade in a foot of water then you are responsible. That’s this generation….they don’t think rules apply to them. That and they can’t read

  8. If Brooke Baldwin had ever watched the movie ” Waterboy ” , she would have known the alligator is motivated by its medulla oblongata . Momma say ; ” Alligator mean because he have so many teeth & no tooth brush .” It is still a natural world & we are not at the top of the food chain . People have to account for their own actions & decisions . Another bad decision is to watch CNN .

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