CNN Really Really Loves Michelle Obama’s Speech Attacking Trump


CNN, the Clinton News Network, had all their hosts and commentators working off the same talking points. They really loved Michelle Obama’s speech attacking Trump.

They just gave Michelle Obama the label, The Closer, and said some call her that – news to us. After the Wikileaks revelations, it’s hard to believe a word any of them say. I feel manipulated, how about you?

That reminded us here of the claim by Bill O’Reilly on Monday that at least three major networks have been ordered from the top to destroy Donald Trump. Mr. O’Reilly isn’t one to make something like that up.

He is 100% convinced that the media personnel have been told if you support Trump, you’re finished here.

O’Reilly was also impressed by Trump’s comment in the second debate that Hillary would be in jail if he had been president. [It was funny] He called the Republicans weasels who are only concerned about themselves.


  1. Did CNN run the 2008 clip of Michelle not so subtly referencing the Clintons when saying if you can’t run your own house, how can you run the White House?

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