Commie Rep. Barbara Lee Mourns Loss of Tyrant Fidel Castro


But Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are the enemy?

Rep. Lee of California’s 9th district, who famously said global warming will make women into prostitutes, is preparing to battle Trump on the ‘failed’ embargo. She will demand Trump open up trade and normalize relations, all while Cuba continues as a sponsor of terrorism and a brutal oppressor of its own people.

She has served as a propagandist for Fidel Castro and elicited praise from him for it during and after her many trips to the island nation.

She is a known communist though she might prefer the more euphemistic word “socialist’.

In the early 1970s she was a confidential aide to Black Panther Party “Minister of Defense”, Huey Newton.

Lee then worked for Shirley Chisholm who had affiliations with Communist Party-fronts, and then for Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (now Democratic Socialists of America) Vice Chair, Ron Dellums.

Lee served first as an aide to her mentor and predecessor in her House seat, Rep. Ron “Red” Dellums, and later as a California assemblywoman and state senator. However, less known is Lee’s service on the national coordinating committee of the “Committees of Correspondence,” an organization that splintered from the Communist Party USA in 1991. Angela Davis, her good friend, the three-time Communist Party candidate for vice president of the United States, served by her side.

Declassified documents from the National Archives, posted to J. Michael Waller’s blog, reveal that Ms. Lee has been promoting the cause of Caribbean communism since the early 1980s.

Ms. Lee “provided counterintelligence support to the regime in Grenada in 1980, tipping off the Cuban-backed government to a possible anti-communist spy in the office of Marxist-Leninist Premier Maurice Bishop.”

Nevertheless, Lee was sworn into the House of Representatives in 1998, taking Dellums old seat.

She’s a known traitor.

Lee worked tirelessly to promote the New Jewel communist agenda in Congress. At every step, she actively opposed the Reagan administration’s anti-communist strategy.

She worked repeatedly to fight Ron Reagan every step of the way in his fight against communism in the hemisphere. She’s still fighting. A 2009 report by the editorial board of the Washington Times details the Oakland congresswoman’s shenanigans.

Lee promotes – and has always promoted – the values of socialism, communism and anti-Americanism.

Lee has enjoyed support from the Democrat Socialists of America since 2001. In 2002 Joelle Fishman of the CPUSA PAC called for the party to support Lee and fellow congressperson Michael Honda.

In April 2009, during one of more than two dozen trips to Cuba, Lee led a congressional delegation which included fellow Congressional Black Caucus members, Emanuel CleaverMarcia Fudge and Bobby Rush to Havana, Cuba for a meeting with Raul Castro. The meeting took place in secret without the customary presence of a U.S. State Department official.

Lee also has membership in Progressive Democrats of America, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and receives endorsement from the Council for a Livable World as well as ongoing support from the SEIU and pro-abortion lobby group, EMILY’s List.

These people are communists, period.

Donald Trump put out a well-deserved harsh statement after the death of Castro but many politicians were silent.

Some California politicians were silent on Castro’s death, while others ripped into him.

Neither of the state’s two U.S. senators, Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein, issued statements or tweeted about his death by late Saturday. Neither had Kamala Harris, who was elected on Nov. 8 to replace the retiring Boxer in January.

But Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, took quickly to Twitter to rip Castro in death.

“Fidel Castro was a tyrant, murderer, liar, and evil despot. History will remember him as nothing more,” he wrote. “”Fidel Castro’s death does not deserve to be mourned.”

He also tweeted: “The irony of Fidel Castro’s death on Black Friday — the most capitalist day of the year — should serve as a reminder that freedom always wins.”

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, tweeted: “The death of tyrant Castro does not mark end to tyranny in Cuba. Until repressive family regime ends, Cuba’s freedom is in doubt.”

But no other Republican members of Congress from California tweeted about Castro’s death or issued a statement on it by late afternoon.

“After decades under Fidel’s doctrine of oppression and antagonism, there is hope that a new path for Cuba is opening,” Pelosi said surprisingly.

“Generations of Cuban political prisoners, democracy activists and families suffered under Fidel Castro’s rule,” she said. “In their name, we will continue to press the Cuban regime to embrace the political, social and economic dreams of the Cuban people.”


  1. The Democrats are the new communist party in America. They have the money and they go into the inner cities and throw crumbs at the poor and expect them to vote for them. It’s a sick mind-set.

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