Communists Come Out for Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia in Runoff for Chicago Mayor



The above photo titled ‘Art for Chuy’ comes from the Chuy for Mayor website which is sanctioned by Chuy Garcia. It sports the slogan “¡Sí se puede!,” which means “Yes, We Can!” It is a communist revolutionary slogan.

Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago, is in a runoff election for his position with Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia who has been labeled a communist by some and who has strong ties to communists.

As far back as 1986, Garcia was labeled “100 percent communist” by supermarket owner Guadalupe Martinez, now deceased, who ran against him for a position on the city council. During the 1986 campaign Martinez said, “My opponent Jesus Garcia is 100 percent communist, if not 110 percent.” Garcia denied it and won hands down.

It might be time to root for Progressive Rahm Emanuel though he’s probably not much better.

Garcia refers to himself as a Progressive. If Garcia isn’t a communist, he, in the least, has had a lot of communist friends and supporters now and in the past.

Garcia has a history of being honored and supported by communists.

At the 2000 PWW (People’s Weekly World – communist magazine) banquet, Jesus Garcia was honored as a former member of the Illinois State Legislature and director of the Little Village Community Development Center. The guest speaker was socialist-communist Danny K. Davis.

In January of this year, People’s World boasted that Garcia was taking on the “banker-backed mayor”. It’s the old “hate-the-rich” trick that has been used so successfully over the last six years.

In a report of the Communist Party USA’s Mexican American Equality Commission, prepared as part of the discussion leading up to the Communist Party USA’s 29th National Convention May 21-23, 2010, the Commission wrote of several electoral victories, of people obviously associated with the party. Among them was Jesus Garcia for his big victory as Cook County Commissioner in Illinois.

Garcia’s later endorsements and in 2010, came from the radical left including Congressman Danny K. Davis, Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressman Mike Quigley, AFSCME and others.

In 2010, the Illinois Communist Party described his race as a “the most important.” After he won, they stated that it was a “decisive victory” and a “victory for grassroots political empowerment in the Mexican American community, as well as, progressive coalition politics seeking to address the widespread economic troubles of voters.”

For some, it feels like Third World communism coming to America.

Unsurprisingly, famed communist, teacher, and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers has come out in support of Jesus Chuy Garcia. His Twitter page is replete with attack tweets against Emanuel.

chuyChuy also has the support of another domestic terrorist and former Marxist-Leninist, Mike Klonsky. He too is a Chicago educator.


Socialist Bernie Sanders has come out in support of Garcia.

Socialist Bernie Sanders comes out for Garcia

Rahm might be toast. SEIU switched allegiances and now support Garcia.

SEIU supports Chuy

If New York can have a communist mayor, Chicago can too apparently.