Be Wary of the Communists Fighting Common Core


Common Core proponents and opponents are like Yankees fans. They come from all persuasions.

We hear a lot about Communists being involved in the Common Core movement. Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is allegedly one of the originators of the concept.

What we don’t hear a lot about are the Communists involved in the anti-Common Core movement. Their interests are somewhat different from the rest of the anti-Core population but the end goal appears to be the same – get rid of Common Core, or at least the testing. It’s not certain that they want to get rid of the indoctrination components in the standards and in the lessons.

Parents from all political spheres are fighting Common Core on Long Island. It is something of an unholy alliance and one has to wonder where it is all going.

Comments by some posters on Common Core sites promote Progressivism. It’s having the effect of making the radical leftist appear mainstream. Some are seeking to take control of the Regents. One has to wonder if left-wing union types are in control of the Regents, will that be an improvement or a new stronghold for unions?

One of the leaders of the anti-Common Core movement in New York is a former member of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground, Fordham Professor Mark Naison.

The Weather Underground were equivalent to the Black Ops segment of the Occupiers of Wall Street. They were the very violent faction of the Students for a Democratic Society, which lasted from the late 1960’s to about 1980.

Naison refers to himself now as the professor writing with a Brooklyn accent. His Facebook page is mostly used to hawk his latest book.

Mark Naison, has been a professor at Fordham University for 43 years. As a Weatherman, he was a part of SDS and engaged in the Columbia University occupation in 1967 and 1968. He was arrested for those protests as well as for a bar fight in 1969. Naison left the Weatherman after his last arrest, for fear he was putting his life in danger or because he wanted to concentrate on his studies, depending on which report you read.

He was friends with Ted Gold, the notorious Weatherman who blew himself up trying to make a bomb meant for someone in the mainstream. He wrote an ode upon his friend’s death according to Wiki.

“I remember Ted Gold best…
“He is dead…
Of a bomb meant for better targets…”

People who know the professor say he regrets the violence in his past and has moved on to promoting a peaceful infiltration of Marxism.

He founded an anti-Core group called BATS, Badass Teachers, and he blogs on several other sites. His BAT logo uses the infamous Marxist fist which we see used so often by the unions.


All of the major unions today have Communists in leadership positions, though they like to call themselves Progressives.

Mr. Naison, who is an apparent Progressive-Communist, seems particularly intertwined with SEIU.

giving bat salute with commie fist

Naison allegedly giving the BAT salute. I guess they’re joking.

Mr. Naison, like many of us who are opposed to the Core, is no fan of the excessive testing and data mining. He is very concerned about the welfare of the unions and teachers.

Mark Naison’s intention in forming BAT according to his statement:

‘This is for every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality, and refuses to accept assessments, tests and evaluations imposed by those who have contempt for real teaching and learning,’ ” he writes.

His ideology is quite evident in this brief statement. If one has any doubts about where he is coming from, one only has to listen to him talk about the evil corporations.

Mr. Naison is thrilled with his ideological counterpart, the Communist mayor Bill DeBlasio and is equally thrilled with DeBlasio’s possible choice for Chancellor, Carmen Farina, an ideological match for the Sandanista-loving DeBlasio. Both are pro-Common Core, however.

Mark Naison discusses Occupy Wall Street in the following video. He says that youth unemployment and mal-distribution of wealth led to the Occupy movement. While that might have been a small factor, the movement, which I personally studied, was organized by Anarchists, Move On, Media Matters, Communist professors, and other extremist far-left groups.

Almost everyone at Occupy Wall Street in NYC were Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists. Some were disenfranchised and angry youth but many were leaders from the aforementioned statist organizations who want the rich to redistribute their wealth.

Mr. Naison appears to be a fan.

God help us if they are the leaders of tomorrow.

It is concerning to see radical communists involved in the anti-Common Core movement.

The New York State Teacher’s Union likes the idea of Common Core. They supported it. If you go to their site, you can find curricula that aligns with the Core which is decidedly far-left. For instance, they lean towards teaching the UN Bill of Rights over the US Bill of Rights.

NYSUT is only against the teacher evaluations which are tied to the testing and they are opposed to the Charter schools which are competition for them. Is this the mindset of the leftists involves in the anti-Common Core movement?

Irrespective of the union, the anti-Core statists appear to be opposed to the one-size-fits-all program and testing. Their ideas about opting-out as the weapon of choice to defeat this monstrosity are the same as everyone else. Those are good things.

One should wonder, however, what will happen if they succeed in eliminating the areas they disagree with and which hold them somewhat accountable. What then? What happens if they get their people into positions of power in the Regents?

It’s just food for thought when one is working with people who come from the opposite side of the street. Maybe it’s no problem at all. However, former domestic terrorist Mark Naison is currently planning to take a thousand people or more and show up on the home doorsteps of Albany’s leaders to chant while waving placards. That’s a bit aggressive, don’t you think?

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