Community Organizer – Professional Manipulator – Consummate Liar


by Gary Spina

Thanks to Barack Obama, America and the world now understand what exactly is a living, breathing “community organizer.” A community organizer is a professional manipulator – and in essence, a consummate liar.

His hollow eloquence alone is enough to win him the Noble Peace Prize without him ever accomplishing anything real or substantive. But that enduring shame rests with the Noble Prize commissioners who apparently do not understand the difference between scratching their watch or winding their ass.

In his repertoire, Obama has an unending contingency of straw men – whole armies of straw men who oppose Obama’s agenda, straw men in allegiance with him, and straw men who represent arguments, opinions, and political positions that do not exist.

The community organizer is skilled in grandiose rhetoric and high-spirited pronouncements. “Not every Muslim is a terrorist!” But no serious political opponent, no Republican holding office, has ever said every Muslim is a terrorist. Instead, the argument takes us down a winding pathway that leads us astray of the real debate of Obama’s failure. It’s a straw-man premise dangled before a gullible audience.

The community organizer incites and enflames, saying such things as, “It is wrong for Republicans to deny the vote to minorities!” – as though Republicans are actually trying to do so. Or, “I will not allow anyone to take away a woman’s right to contraception!” – as though there is an effort afoot to do just that.

Again, my quotes are mostly paraphrases of typical Obama straw-man arguments. In chastising his opponents, Obama’s tactic is to berate and belittle. Shouting, “Climate change is a fact!” disingenuously ignores the fact that most opponents agree — climate changes does, indeed, occur naturally. The real issue is “man-made” causes to climate change – which is anything but a fact.

The community organizer chides his opponents: “Minorities in America have too long been denied access to the American Dream!” – as though the American Dream is the same dream for socialists as it is for patriots – as though conservatives are oppressing minorities. Again Obama obscures the facts. The liberals themselves have destroyed minority families by flooding them with welfare, devaluing traditional two family households, and demeaning the sanctity of fatherhood itself. But the rhetoric plays well with the crowd and garners votes for the master puppeteer.

Obama’s straw men foment resentment and dissatisfaction and attempt to recruit “the masses,” especially our youth, to enlist in the ranks of his straw-man armies. Americans would never allow themselves to be referred to as “the masses” until the liberals came to power and orchestrated an assault on our national dignity.

The community organizer, urges us on to “great causes” which are generalities never quite defined, while he hides what he secretly plans to accomplish. He lives by lawlessness, respecting neither God, our Constitution, nor our American values. As such, Barack Obama is a devious manipulator – a liar and a tyrant — in a War on Truth and in an unrelenting War on America.



  1. You and all of the other brainwashed conservative shills are what is wrong with this country. Try thinking for yourself sometime.

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