Congresswoman McCarthy Gives Us A Good Reason to Initiate Tort Reform



Carolyn McCarthy, Congresswoman and smoker of 40-years

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, representing Long Island’s 4th district, has been smoking for decades and she has lung cancer. That’s unfortunate. How she is using the illness is also unfortunate.

Instead of making ads as to the dangers of smoking, she has filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against more than 70 companies whose products are linked to asbestos. She is alleging that the asbestos combined with her cigarette smoking caused her cancer despite questionable exposure to asbestos.

When she was a young girl she washed the clothes of her father and brothers who were boilermakers. Asbestos was on their clothing she says. She has NEVER worked directly with the carcinogen asbestos but is claiming second-hand asbestos exposure. [Newsday November 10th]

It is unknown if her father and brothers died from lung cancer connected to asbestos and smoking. I’d love to have the answer to that question.

She has also been an avid smoker for FORTY YEARS!

We wouldn’t have known she was a smoker for 40 years if a reporter hadn’t uncovered that information and drew it our of her attorney, Daniel Blouin.

Her attorney, Daniel Blouin, said the connection between asbestos, smoking and cancer is proven.

Her attorney is a member of a law firm that advertises – Weitz & Luxenberg. They specialize in squeezing out settlements on asbestos claims from companies that used the product. One suit already garnered $190 million for the firm. They settled one claim for a LI politician, a William Lindsey, who worked around asbestos unlike Ms. McCarthy.

It’s also important to note that it is Speaker Sheldon Silver’s firm, the same Sheldon Silver whom Andrew Cuomo thought about removing as Speaker because of his links to Albany scandals.

The fact that SHE SMOKED FOR DECADES didn’t seem to hold her back when she went ahead with the suit! This lawsuit is opportunistic and so is she.

If she loses, she should have to pay all the court costs.

People like Ms. McCarthy and her attorney are the reason we need Tort Reform.


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