Contractor, Volunteers Rebuild 95 Year Old Hurricane Victim’s Home


Michael Dubb and Pete Picucci

photo via Fox Detroit

Pete Picucci is a 95-year old man who was a victim of Hurricane Sandy. His home was destroyed. It has now been completely rebuilt thanks to the kindness of a contractor and neighborhood volunteers.

He was living without heat, power or water when the contractor, Michael Dubb, read about his story.

It is so heartwarming that you must see the elderly gentleman’s reaction in the video. Mr. Dubb becomes emotional as well.

After he was driven up to the house, Mr. Picucci said, “Oh boy, I only wish my wife could see this. There isn’t a word in the dictionary to express my appreciation and my happiness in this merry moment,” Picucci said as he broke into grateful tears.

“He didn’t know me from Adam, I didn’t know him from Adam, and look … see what he did? It’s wonderful.”

Dubb says he doesn’t want any personal praise for his efforts, getting emotional himself as he told the local FOX affiliate that seeing Picucci’s reaction is reason enough. “I only wish I could do it for everybody.” Mr. Dubb is going to try to help other hurricane victims.

Michael Dubb is a hero.

New York News | NYC Breaking News

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