Corrupt Democrat Government Destroys Flint, Democrats Blame Environmental Racism



The polluted water in Flint, Michigan might be linked to 77 cases of Legionnaire’s Disease and we can only imagine the possible harm to the children. Most of the people in Flint are poor black and their plight was ignored for months. For two years, the people in Flint were drinking filthy, dirty water. The current mayor who inherited the problem is now blaming environmental racism and rich people.

Mayor Karen Weaver is black and has been invited to the White House to plan for reparations. She is in touch with Hollywood, seeking donations. Governor Snyde doesn’t get invitations to the White House, only blame.

If there is any racism, it’s on the part of the Democrats who have run the city into the ground, made money off the poor and who in too many cases don’t seem to give a hoot about the people. The government ruined Flint, both federal and local, but mostly local government.


The mayor is echoing the party line.

environmental racism

Barack Obama, the half-black president, refused to respond to Governor Snyder’s plea for help for Flint, Michigan. Governor Snyder thanked Obama for the emergency declaration and for “supporting Flint during this critical situation” in a statement, but said an additional request for a major disaster declaration was denied. That would give Flint much-needed funds.

Obama’s EPA hid test results. The En­vir­on­ment­al Pro­tec­tion Agency sat on lead test results.

In Feb­ru­ary 2015, months be­fore the con­tam­in­a­tion was exposed, an EPA wa­ter ex­pert named Miguel Del Tor­al iden­ti­fied po­ten­tial prob­lems in Flint’s drink­ing wa­ter. He con­firmed his sus­pi­cions in April and sum­mar­ized the crisis in a June in­tern­al memo. The memo was kept un­der wraps by EPA Mid­w­est chief Susan Hed­man, and the ana­lyst was for­bid­den from mak­ing his finding pub­lic.

The woman responsible has been fired.

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality, leftists themselves, seem at the very least to have suppressed worrisome findings about Flint’s water supply, and may have done worse than that

After the switch to river water, residents complained for months about the foul water but they were ignored. In fact, Democrat Mayor Walling continued to claim the water was safe, and that the residents were “wasting their money on bottled water”.

It was a Democrat, not a Republican, who insisted the water was safe.

The Detroit News cited email exchanges between EPA officials and Walling showing what it described as a “lack of urgency” over the matter and a greater focus on procedure rather than public safety. Walling and other officials repeatedly told residents the water was safe but blamed state and federal agencies for the problems, Fox News reported.

Snyder has taken responsibility for what happened but he’s finally adding others who share in that blame.

Speaking Friday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Snyder said experts at the Department of Environmental Quality had the qualifications to sound alarms about lead in drinking water long ago, but didn’t take the right steps.

“The department people, the heads, were not being given the right information by the quote-unquote experts,” Snyder told host Joe Scarborough.

“And I use that word with great trial and tribulation because they were considered experts in terms of their background, these are career civil servants that had strong science, medical backgrounds in terms of their research,” he said. “But as a practical matter, when you look at it today and you look at it today and you look at their conclusions, I wouldn’t call them experts anymore.”

“This is something that we don’t consider just what one person did, let’s look at the entire cultural background of how people have been operating,” he said. “Let’s get in there and rebuild the culture that understands common sense has to be part of it, taking care of our citizens has to be part of it.”

Snyder was asked if racism played a part.

“Absolutely not,” Snyder said when asked if racism was a factor. “Flint is a place I’ve been devoted to helping … we’ve done a lot in terms of programs there to help the structurally unemployed go get work, in terms of public safety we’ve done a lot.”

This isn’t about racism but it is about Democrats ruining the area and then passing the blame to Republicans.

These cities are run by Democrats who refuse to take any credit for the damage they’ve done.

One must look at how Flint got into this situation in the first place.

There is a lack of rationality or knowledge on the part of the people when they go out to vote. The Flint City Council includes a convicted killer, a man who served probation for felonious assault and two people who have gone through personal bankruptcies.

Detroit had cancelled Flint’s water contract in 2013 after the city council decided to try to get out from under Detroit’s hefty water fees, forcing Flint to scramble for water since its new plan wouldn’t go into effect until 2016, Conservative Review reported. They are bankrupt and have few options.

The mayor at the time and the city council eagerly chose to go for river water in lieu of city water and continuously misinformed the public and the governor about how it was working out once in place.

Flint had expensive city water because almost half of the city’s water was leaking out or was stolen. Poor Democrat cities have to worry about water theft. They’ve been trying to crack down on it but the source of the problem is the corrupt Democrat machine.

Flint is another bankrupt, failed Democrat city. The Democrats pandered to unions to get votes until there was no money left. They cut services to cover unions and when the taxes drove out businesses and workers, it left a lot of people who live off welfare or work for the government – a clearly unsustainable situation.

The rich didn’t do it, the Democrats did it.

Emergency managers are appointed to save the cities after the Democrats destroy them. This is routine when a city enters into receivership. The managers are mostly black Democrats who use their positions to blame Republicans.

In 2002, the three-term Democrat mayor Woodrow Stanley was thrown out of office for running up $30 million in debt – he blamed his failures on racism.

Governor Jennifer Granholm signed an executive order declaring them solvent when they weren’t.

Emergency managers came in to cut costs after Democrats destroyed the city. The emergency manager in charge was Darnell Earley, a Democrat supporter of the corrupt or incompetent mayor Woodrow Stanley.

Earley says that the decisions to terminate the Detroit deal and rely temporarily on the Flint River “were both a part of a long-term plan that was approved by Flint’s mayor, and confirmed by a City Council vote of 7–1 in March of 2013 — a full seven months before I began my term as emergency manager.”

Flint couldn’t afford Detroit’s clean water and the river water was cheaper. People in Flint steal water, refuse to pay for their water, and many are subsidized. How is this sustainable?

Fint is a man-made disaster and now federal taxpayers have to bail them out as they blame Republicans who did not create the mess.

The crime-ridden city of burnt-out structures, deadbeats and union workers needs to stop blaming Republicans and start rebuilding their city with a clear eye on how they got into the position.

The Democrat government bankrupted the city. A Democrat emergency manager signed off on the plan to use river water temporarily. The Democrat EPA and state environmental quality experts hid information. The unionized federal and state agencies did not do their jobs. If there is racism, it’s the fault of Democrats far more than one Republican governor.

Snyder is not blameless and needed to pay more attention to Flint but it’s getting a little tiresome to be forced to clean up the mess of the entitled and corrupt.

Sources: Fox NewsSentinel, and National Review Online