Countless Thousands of Illegal Alien Children Heading For New York


The New York City Department of Education has informed its principals that 2350 migrant children from Central America, who came here illegally, will enter the school system.

“It is expected that children will continue to arrive in large numbers in the coming years,” says a DOE memo to principals obtained by The Post.

There is no end point. The children and their families will keep pouring into the state and other states.

The city just spent $50 million for 1662 minors who came here illegally this summer from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

All live with sponsors or relatives and most live with other illegals. They will then in turn sponsor their families to come here since King Obama said families can’t be separated.

Queens received the highest number – 732 – while Long Island received more – 2300.

About 12% of the public school population – 350,000 children – are already in the state.

The NYC cost per-pupil spending last year was $20,749 but that doesn’t include ESL, speech/language, reading services, psychological counseling, medical assistance, and all the other special help they will need.

On Long Island, tuition costs run about $10,000 per-pupil higher without counting added services.

New York schools and many Long Island schools are already struggling. The money has to come from the education of the children who are citizens.

NYC schools are failing as it is. More than 70% can’t function on grade level. In some schools more than 50% never graduate.

This is a recipe for disaster. It’s suicidal.

The DOE wants to educate every child in the world at taxpayer expense and at the expense of the children already here.

Upstate is also suffering and they too have failing schools and high poverty in many areas.

Barack Obama and Sandanista Bill and Common Core Cuomo are very generous with other peoples’ money and with the education of other peoples’ children.

Think of the absurdity of raising standards and then adding thousands of children who can’t possibly meet the standards. It’s for a good cause though, it’s to give us a permanent far-left Democrat party system of government because the Democrats presume all of these people will be Democrats.

Many of these children are much older than they claim to be. I know, I’ve worked in the system and I also know that almost all need extensive services and many are in gangs or will be.

They will all receive amnesty and all services and benefits our government can offer – Obama has already awarded them with the taxpayer gift using his pen and phone.

They’re even getting hearings within a few weeks while most people wait years.

More of these children and adults are now heading towards the border – in droves. Is it any wonder why?

The immigration from Mexico has slowed so Obama has to welcome illegals from Central America and all over the world. We have Chinese communists crossing our borders illegally in droves.

The East Coast in particular is popular for illegal immigrants because they are welcomed and they are given taxpayer benefits. They are also turning the states bluer than blue.

I like the immigrants, don’t get me wrong, but this is unaffordable and it’s being done to make us into a one-party welfare state. It is NOT what our Founding Fathers wanted and it will destroy the country the immigrants are fleeing to. It will become the place they escaped.

I worked with poor, uneducated, and troubled children and their families for decades. I love them but they’re a disaster for our country.



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