Cuomo Moves on National Gun Laws


Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has announced plans to join the national political movement to crack down on guns. He will be throwing his weight behind the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, where his sister sits on their board. He is also beginning with a letter writing campaign to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Cuomo and the Brady Campaign are demanding the Justice Department scrutinize so-called “bad apple” merchants who sell many guns that end up in the hands of criminals. He is one of the signatories of a letter sent to Attorney General demanding action.

These so-called “bad apple” retailers are based on a 15-year old ATF report, “Commerce in Firearms in the United States, February 2000,” that says “90% of guns used in crimes were supplied by just 5% of dealers.”

Ammoland explains that the Brady Campaign has for just as long knowingly misinterpreted the ATF’s trace data in this report. In fact, the unsuccessful Brady Campaign-backed municipal lawsuits that sought to drive the industry into bankruptcy in this period were predicated on the misuse and distortion of ATF trade data.

A large share of guns used in crimes traced back to one location does not mean that retailers are “bad apples.” There are so many other factors such as the area the store is in, the number of times a gun changed hands, whether it was stolen, the volume of sales of the particular store could be large, and so on. The Brady Campaign fails to mention that the time span between when a traced firearm was legally purchased and when it was used in a crime, is about 11 years.

The ATF said in a 2003 release stated:

It is misleading to suggest that a gun dealer is corrupt because a large percentage of the guns sold in his store are subsequently used in crime. Many other factors – including high volume of sales, the type of inventory carried and whether the gun is located in a high crime area – contribute to the percentages cited by the Brady campaign.”

Cuomo promised to deepen his commitment to the gun control issue and said it is “the big issue” in national politics and for the 2016 campaign.

Recently, Cuomo said Democrats in Congress should shut down the government to force action of gun violence.

If you want to know where these gun grabbers are going with this, check out the NEW YORK SAFE ACT. It’s almost impossible for a legal gun owner to use a gun for self-defense. The liberals in NY love it. It’s more popular than he is according to a recent Siena College poll. The liberals have announced this is only the beginning. There are many more laws to come.

Cuomo and his Brady campaign buddies want background checks for ammunition. Another popular bill in New York and other liberal states is requiring gun owners to purchase insurance. If they can’t get your guns, they will make it extremely difficult for you to own one. This is what they want for the nation.

Cuomo has insisted that Federal intervention will be necessary to force tougher national gun control. NY Times refers to it as “combating the illegal use of firearms.”

“I’m urging federal action,” Cuomo said, “because it’s the only way you can make a real difference.”

Carey Gabay, a Cuomo aide was recently shot by a gang member as he walked in one of the worst areas of Brooklyn in the middle of the night. It was during the violent West Indian Day parade. Someone gets shot during that parade every year.

It isn’t only Mr. Gabay’s death motivating Andrew Cuomo. He is a statist who wants our guns. During a radio interview, he said gun confiscation was a possibility.


Source: NY Times



  1. Mr Cuomo has started his campaign for,the Presidency in 2020. If you look,at his history at HUD, he has a bigger ego,than Obama.

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