Charges that Cuomo/DHS Scheme to Circumvent the Fourth Amendment



Back in about 2003, Major League Baseball wanted to know how widespread performance-enhancing drugs were and they surveyed the players. A-Rod filled out the confidential survey on performance-enhancing drugs and answered the questions honestly. The government got involved and suddenly A-Rod was proven to have taken the drugs. No one cared, but someone obviously got hold of his personal medical records.

The reason I bring this up is because we will all be A-Rod now that the government has access to our health records. For gun owners, it is particularly ominous.

Recently a Mr. David Lewis of Amherst NY was ordered to turn in his guns because he takes an anti-anxiety drug. He hired a lawyer and, within three days, the police said it was all a mistake, they had the wrong guy.

I thought to myself, well, they had the wrong guy and they really went through someone else’s HIPPAA records. I wasn’t particularly relieved.

Cuomo’s SAFE Act allows police to go through medical records which can now be accessed by our government thanks to Obamacare. [IS]

Turns out however, according to radio host Tom Bauerle at WBEN, they had the right guy. They were trying to cover up the fact that they have a clandestine HIPPAA goon squad in the state police department that went through Mr. Lewis’ private HIPPAA records.

The police are allegedly circumventing HIPPAA laws and going through medical records, cross-referencing them with pistol-permit holders and coordinating with Obama’s DHS. They are going back ten years to locate people who took anti-depressants or who received counseling.

That would pretty much cover half the population of NY. It’s popular to get counseling in NY and medication is even more popular.

The state police were allegedly lying when they said they had the wrong guy. They had the guy they wanted. They did not expect David Lewis to get a lawyer familiar with the Second Amendment.

Mr. Lewis’ lawyer, Jim Tresmond, is continuing the investigation. His son Max spoke with Tom Bauerle about what is being uncovered. “We are in the process of preparing a federal case on behalf of David Lewis,” Tresmond revealed, promising “we will be relentless in our pursuit of the truth.”

You have to listen to this, particularly the interview at 20:00 when Max Tresmond speaks to Tom Bauerle about the revelations: WBEN

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