David Horowitz Interview: We Are at War


‘We are at war’, David Horowitz told me in a phone interview today, at war with the leftists – Marxist radicals – who, under Barack Obama, are destroying the economy, the healthcare system, the education system, and our standing in the world.

David Horowitz

David Horowitz

David Horowitz is a 1960’s communist radical turned conservative.

Mr. Horowitz’ conversion came when he discovered his ‘friends’ in the Black Panther Party had murdered a friend he sent to help them with their bookkeeping. The torture and murder of Betty Van Patter was so traumatic that it took him ten years to come out of it. He came out as a conservative fighting a lonely and courageous battle.

One of those who is believed responsible for Betty Van Patter’s murder, according to Mr. Horowitz, is a vicious ex-Panther named Elaine Brown. She now lives in Atlanta and has become a public speaker. She is still the same person and the fact that she is free is a paradox of American justice.

Horowitz quotes Elaine Brown: ‘Faith was all there was, if I did not believe in the ultimate rightness of our goals and our party then what we did, what Huey was doing, what he was, what I was, was horrible.’

Quite a remarkable statement. The end justifies the means is implicit in what she clearly thinks is a type of religion that allows monstrous acts for the cause as they see it.

Horowitz’ departure from the communist party also led to his alienation, at age 35, from lifelong friends and a complete shunning by some in the media who were once his most ardent supporters, before his change of heart.

He came to the conclusion that the ideology of the left must always end in totalitarianism and violence.

He decried the hypocrisy of leftists who would claim they are fighting for peace in Vietnam but ignored the massacres that followed.

In an interview I conducted with Mr. Horowitz today, he said that conservatives need to understand what progressivism is about and the Republican Party needs to speak out.

I asked him what the difference was between communism and progressivism and he said ‘they are the same thing.’

One of the things that has clouded peoples’ understanding of what is going on is the fact that we are being led to believe that the worst we are facing is European socialism. I asked Mr. Horowitz about that and he said, ‘it’s much worse than that, it’s communism.’ ‘Look, he has already destroyed our standing in the world. He is destroying our economic system, our healthcare…’

Mr. Horowitz is an intellectual who grew up as a ‘red-diaper’ baby steeped in communism. His conversion is nothing less than remarkable.  His knowledge of what communism is and how it has become a dominant force in our society is something every conservative needs to know but will conservatives read the books? The future of the Republic depends on  conservatives knowing what they are dealing with. We can’t fight what we don’t understand.

Mr. Horowitz said ‘we are at war.’ Obama is ‘taking down our country’. People must understand that and they must be ready to fight.

Reading the series of books will be enlightening if the first volume is an example of what is to follow. The first volume explains how social justice has become the means by which they sell their leftist ideology. Mr. Horowitz said ‘its phony, it’s not real.’

The leftists, which Mr. Horowitz calls the ‘neo-communists’ (neo-coms), hate America and what America stands for. They want to tear it down and install their utopia. Mr. Horowitz’ book clearly explains why.

When I asked Mr. Horowitz about Obamacare, he said Obama is ‘destroying the finest healthcare system in the world.’ ‘Obamacare is communism,’ he added.

‘Obama is a communist,’ he affirmed.

Horowitz sees education as the place where leftism gained its foothold into society, beginning with the Catholic colleges and universities. He spoke out against the unions during our interview and said that K-12 schools should be on a voucher system with parents getting the money, not the schools.

He briefly addressed common core which he has not studied. He is against any centralized education – it’s more statism. All of this is about the same thing he told me.

Horowitz told me that ‘conservatives are classical liberals’ because they want two sides of the story told. Leftists only want one side of the story and they are ‘not liberal.’ There is nothing liberal about them. People, especially need to stop calling them liberals and playing into the deception.

The Sentinel has previously complained that calling the forces taking root in America by their rightful names – communism or socialism – is not-PC, even in conservative circles, so let’s simply describe what they are doing, which is what communists do.

Horowitz is writing an encyclopedic series of books on communism to inform conservatives about the dangerous enemies now seated at the precipice of unfettered power in this country. His books will give us the tools to fight them. His first book is now available and it is a book people need to read. I read it yesterday and it clarified who and what Barack Obama is for me. I will no longer say he is incompetent. He is probably the most competent president we have had. He is succeeding in destroying traditional America.

David Horowitz has published the first book in a series of ten which are aimed at educating conservatives about progressivism and the forces of evil that have been poisoning our culture, our schools, and our government for the last forty years.

The Black Book of the American Left, Volume I, My Life and Times is a compilation of selected essays that take the reader through Mr. Horowitz’ conversion from communist activist to one of the bravest fighters for conservative ideals we have today. It is much more than a collection, it is a ‘collective portrait of the left.’ It will ‘help Conservatives understand how we got to the point of electing a man who wants to take down our country.’

There is an outstanding two-part interview with David Horowitz on this link.

The Black Book of Communism

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