De Blasio Press Conference – The Man’s Unfit for Office – Videos


Mayor de Blasio visited the families of the two murdered police officers Monday. He followed the visits by giving a press conference with Police Commissioner Bratton and others.

Dan Bongino spoke on Fox News after the conference and said de Blasio was unfit to remain in office.

De Blasio started the presser out sympathetically and talked of his concern for the families of the two officers and the children of Rafael Ramos. He asked the public to put aside demonstrations until after the funeral.

The murderer was portrayed by de Blasio as a criminal and a deeply troubled individual as opposed to an anti-police murderer stirred up by the protests/riots fomented by the leaders in NY and DC. It’s a 180 from the way liberals reacted to the shooting of Gabby Giffords.

When asked for his reflections on the situation, de Blasio said we have to somehow knit our family together and bring our city together. He wants more harmony. He brought up the 1970s, a decade he is still living in.

He blamed the police union and the press for the tumult when he didn’t like a question asked by a reporter.

At about 20:21 in the video, he said he supported the protesters’ right to protest. He wouldn’t go into details about his feelings out of respect for the families he said.

At 26:12, a reporter asked de Blasio about the rioters who were shouting KKK in officers’ faces, yelling at them and so on, when de Blasio responded by blaming the media for the problems:

“…we’ve talked about this so many times..I’m gonna talk about it again…and now I’m gonna ask you guys gonna do? What are you guys gonna do? Are you gonna keep dividing us?

I’m not talking about every single one of you. But let’s get real. Just in that question…25,000 people marched down one of our streets a few days back absolutely peaceful…no chance like that…peacefully calling for what they believe in as American citizens and the NYPD protected them and I told people at the time and I’ve said it repeatedly.

I’ve got calls from all over this country with admiration for the NYPD for the way it protected peoples’ democratic rights. I heard it from so many protesters who appreciated the NYPD. I heard from NYPD officers and leaders who said they saw peaceful protest, respectful protest, yes, what you managed to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority, who are saying unacceptable things, who shouldn’t be saying those things, and they, some who actually physically attack police officers which I said is absolutely unacceptable, we will prosecute them to the fullness…every fullest…everyone must participate in finding those individuals, providing information to the police, intervening to stop them, alerting the police, I will keep saying this over and over, the question is will you tell the world about it because you all are part of this too. So yes, there are some bad people, who say inappropriate things, there are some people who say hateful things, they have no place in these protests…”

Ironically, when the tea party protested and no violence took place, they were demonized. In this situation however, our leaders who have been riling these people up, want us to make allowances for the many protesters – not the few as de Blasio claims – for the many, who attacked police.

The atmosphere that has been set up by these so-called leaders led to these deaths. They riled up the people living on the edge.

We’ve heard months of vile propaganda that created unnecessary tensions and they were all based on lies. It was drummed up by people like de Blasio who recently told the public he warned his son to watch out for the police because he is a boy of color.

De Blasio ran for office on the anti-police platform as former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said Sunday morning on ABC News.

Have you asked yourself if the liberal colleges suspended tests and classes over these deaths? The answer is no, they didn’t. They only suspend classes for rioters who are upset.

The cops have been amazing in the way they’ve handled the abuse.

Where is the outrage from the left?

Al Sharpton, one of the instigators of these riots/protests, is an Obama advisor. He has been to the White House 84 times. Sharpton said he is in charge of hiring in the Justice Department. He, along with de Blasio, has been highly instrumental in pushing this anti-police narrative and is on the record as saying the president told him to “stay the course.”

Watch the presser:

Dan Bongino responded to the presser in which de Blasio went back to the 1970’s as if it were present day.

He said de Blasio should resign and called out de Blasio for the lies.



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