De Blasio Shovels Snow! What’s Wrong With This Picture?



What is wrong with this photo-op? Bill de Blasio wants us to believe he was caught in a candid shot while carrying out the mundane chore of shoveling his own walk in front of his Park Slope brownstone. How humble!

What is wrong with the picture is the temperature was 0 degrees and he’s not wearing a hat. Do you think it was staged or do you think this is how he goes about shoveling snow in 0 degree weather?

How about the next photo intended to show what an ordinary family the De Blasio’s are? The one where they are seen coming out of the subway after taking the train to the inauguration.


There is this photo with a young man, an employee of de Blasio’s, prompting the audience to cheer. This was prior to the inaugural.


via The Gateway Pundit

This is going to be exactly like Obama’s administration – staged and phony.

Well, we do know what Mayor Bloomberg thought of the entire event.


Bloomberg was not a happy camper, maybe because he’s not a communist though he does have his fascist moments. It didn’t help that the dopey public advocate, in her speech, insinuated that Bloomberg cared more about the rich than the poor and demonized the very effective Stop and Frisk policy which she said was racist. She attacked Bloomberg’s library privatization because she’s a Progressive union advocate.

She went on a rant about fast food workers.

As an aside, some cities are looking to levy a fat tax on fast food restaurants. Combine that with a planned increase in the minimum wage for burger flippers, then add the Obamacare costs, and we should see the end of the cheap fast food restaurant in our cities. What will we pay our doctors if burger flippers and dishwashers make $20 an hour? Oh, that’s right, doctors should work for free.

De Blasio praised Bloomberg in his speech but he had to know what the advocate was going to say. He let her do his dirty work for him.

Like I say, it’s going to be one phony, staged administration. We don’t need reality shows, we can just tune in to the De Blasios.