Death of TV Reporters Engenders a New Anti-Gun Movement


Dana Loesch, Bill Burton

We have a new gun control battle brewing. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, reporters and the family on one murdered reporter are going to pursue more gun control laws.

The traumatized father of the murdered reporter, Alison Parker, and her distraught fiancé, appeared on The Kelly File to talk about Alison and to state their intention to pursue stricter gun laws, particularly as they apply to the mentally ill.

It would be helpful if employers could report people like the killer and if our officials actually followed the laws we have in place.

One has to ask how the shooter with his history of dangerous behavior was able to get a gun, but must we now pass even more Draconian laws to stop evil people bent on revenge? In all likelihood, no one prosecuted him or reported him for his outrageous behavior but that remains to be seen.

Perhaps he was discontented with his life, did not have any sense of personal responsibility, and just wanted an outlet for his hate.

We have a lot to learn about the shooter of Alison Parker and Adam Ward before we can say with any certainty whatsoever that he was insane. Clearly, he wasn’t normal but he also appeared to be quite evil. He planned this shooting thoroughly and he videotaped it. His manifesto reveals a heart full of hate.

The shooter’s ability to plan seems to negate a serious insanity defense.

Gun sales are up in Virginia and crime has gone down. The left won’t give you that statistic.

We now excuse violent crimes by assigning all blame to mental illness and guns wherever possible. We can say anyone who kills people with malice is insane but that is to deny the existence of evil.

Dana Loesch, a host on Glenn Beck TV and a strong Second Amendment advocate, debated Obama operative, Bill Burton on the issue.

We have laws that are not being followed, Dana Loesch said on The Kelly File Wednesday evening, “You have an abundance of laws and you have state and local officials who do not follow those laws.”

She also brought up the fact that the killer had an agenda. We are all getting lost in his possible mental illness but refuse to accept he was motivated by race hate.

“This was a racially-charged, racially-motivated crime by somebody who had a grievance. There’s all too often a focus on the tool instead of the hate in someone’s heart,” Loesch said.

This was a racial hate crime, an act of evil. Perhaps he was mentally ill, but that remains to be seen.

Bill Burton, former White House Deputy Secretary to Barack Obama, said “the answer can’t be to do nothing.”

What about holding people accountable when they don’t prosecute criminals who commit gun crimes?