Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fired For Same Thing Hillary Clinton Did



by Temerity Forthright


Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) was fired for sending and receiving secret internal DNC emails. The leaked emails showed conspiracy and collusion in the DNC to deny Bernie Sanders an equal shot in the primary for the Democrat presidential nomination.

Members of the DNC sent tens of thousands of sensitive emails that turned out to be very damaging and embarrassing to the DNC in general and the Democrat party specifically. The emails were released by WikiLeaks at the end of last week.

As the Chairwoman of the DNC Schultz was responsible for everything that went on during the primary leading up to the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia this week. The content of some of the emails were particularly scandalous and questionable.

As the enormity and scope of the emails became evident, calls for Schultz to resign grew louder. She announced at first that she would bow out of the convention, but after Bernie Sanders called for her resign, Schultz capitulated and quit her position as DNC Chair.

It made me wonder how Schultz could be forced to resign mere days after it was revealed that she sent and received highly sensitive emails about Democrat party politics.

Contrast that with all the top secret and highly sensitive national security information that Hillary sent and received on her private and unsecured email server as Secretary of State. Compound that with the fact that she deleted thousands of those emails knowing that they were under a subpoena order by Congress.

Hillary Clinton claimed she never sent or received emails “marked” as sensitive or secret, but it was her job to know which ones were. There have been calls for Hillary to drop out of the presidential race because of her handing of those national security secrets.

If the DNC emails could be hacked, how easy would it be to hack any private email server? Just ask WikiLeaks!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired in a few days for the same thing Hillary Clinton spent years doing – and denying. But for Hillary, it’s just a minor distraction.

What punishment did Schultz receive for stealing the nomination from Bernie and handing it to Hillary through deception and conspiracy? None. She was rewarded by almost immediately being hired by Hillary Clinton to serve as the honorary chairwoman of her presidential campaign!

Maybe Hillary told Debbie the good news in an email.


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