A Very Deceitful Trevor Noah Puts Out Nasty Fake News About Donald Trump


Trevor Noah is a foreigner who was specifically brought to the U.S. to insult Republican politicians after his star began to fall in his own country. He’s not particularly funny and now we know he is also deceitful. He recently took a clip of the Trump Michigan rally shown during Tucker Carlson’s show, editing it to make it seem as if Trump was playing his audience when he was actually referring to Hillary playing her audience.

reddit user uncovered the following deceitful fake news put out by Trevor Noah:

The original video of the rally, the one The Daily Show uses is from Tucker Carlson Tonight. Following is the section of the Tucker Carlson clip in question or you can go to 44:10 on the Tucker Carlson Tonight video from the Good News Daily youtube channel — there is booing from the crowd when Trump mentions Hillary Clinton.

The last minute “play” Trump was referring to was by Hillary running to Michigan with the Obamas and Clintons.

At 3:38 in the Daily Show youtube video you can clearly hear that they’ve edited the clip from the Tucker Carlson show, manipulating it to make it seem as if the crowd was vocally chanting “lock her up” before Trump says “that play is great before the election, now we don’t care”.

If you watch the original video, you can easily discern that Trump was referring to the unexpected campaign trip to Michigan by his opponent Hillary, along with Barack and Michelle Obama and the Clintons, as the “great play” obviously to win over Michigan. However, Trevor Noah deceives his audience with this edited audio clip to make it seem as if Trump was tricking his supporters.

I heard that and I don’t watch Trevor Noah. The edited clip was played repeatedly, even on Fox News. Until Legendary Odyssey posted it on reddit, I thought Trump said that myself.

Go to 03:25 to this unfunny, edited section:

Comedy Central is not a comedy station, it’s a left-wing indoctrination and propaganda outfit operating under the guise of comedy for the purpose of keeping the young in the dark about politics. They present only one side and they get away with it because it’s “only comedy” after all.

The entire show is trickery but editing tapes is particularly egregious.

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5 years ago

I wonder why there aren’t any funny TV programs with GOP political hosts. Yes
Are there any such comedians?
I’ve heard David Mamet give a speech that had humor in it. But his plays don’t have political humor in them.

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
5 years ago

Good find. Goes into my collection and re-posted to Facebook.

How these folks stay employed speaks volumes about their employers. Some day, someone is going to file and win a lawsuit in the billions that puts such clabber in its rightful place, the dumpster and prison.

5 years ago

No. Left-leaning comedians are funny. Are right-leaning comedians funny? I don’t if any