DEFUND Now or Embrace Single Payer!



Obamacare is the road to single payer healthcare. For those who don’t know what single payer is, it is 100% government-controlled healthcare.

As the Obamacare ‘train wreck’ comes our way and burns up in its tracks, it will take insurance companies down with it. There will be no place to go but to government healthcare.

The Executive branch of government will then control nearly one-fifth of the US economy and they will control every decision to be made about every citizen’s healthcare.

The IRS will be their enforcement arm.

The IRS is still targeting conservative groups and people who led the scandal are being promoted. Cindy Thomas, who led the Cincinnati tax-exempt office during the targeting of tea party groups has just been promoted to senior technical adviser team for the Director of Exempt Organizations. Exempt Organization Specialist Stephen Seok, who wrote many of the vicious attack letters to the conservative groups, was promoted to supervisor IRS agent in May. This is the government that will decide who gets medical care and who doesn’t.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

If you add 30 million people to healthcare, have a limited number of doctors, how could you possibly believe the premiums will go down?

Health and Human Services officials are writing tens of thousands of pages of rules in secret. They are legislating but no one is fighting them on it. Sebelius and the others involved in the writing of these rules want Single Payer healthcare.

Organizations enrolling people in Obamacare are all far-left and include LaRaza, ACORN, MoveOn et al. The entire healthcare movement is governed and managed by the far-left.

What we know about the rules to date is that they will rob us of freedom. They intrude on religious rights, and the rights of businesses, patients, doctors, and hospitals.

CNS News reported that several of the major insurance companies have fled or chose not to join the exchanges in severals states because the rates would make it impossible for them to provide the kind of service their clients expect. The exchanges have set very low fees for doctors and hospitals, which promises to attract the least accomplished doctors and poor service.

Obamacare will increase the cost of healthcare and decrease quality.

Medicare has already lost over $700 billion in future payments to doctors and hospitals to help pay for Obamacare. Why? Because the money has to come from somewhere. Rationing, particularly of the aged and seriously ill is inevitable. There really will be death panels.

As we now know, Obamacare will destroy the 40-hour work week.

Obamacare requires businesses pay for the healthcare of employees who work 30 hours or more a week, therefore, as one would expect, they are already replacing full-time workers with part-time employees. In July alone, 55 percent of the positions employers added were low-paying retailers, restaurants, and bars. Part-time work has made up 77 percent of the jobs added this year.

This mess will implode but it won’t be buried under its own weight, it will morph into Single Payer.

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid predicted exactly that on Friday. He said that he thinks the nation will work its way past ‘insurance-based healthcare.’ Obamacare is a ‘step in the right direction,’ he said, adding that we do not have something that is ‘going to work forever.’

He knows what everyone should know – Obamacare and its endless rules are meant to destroy insurance companies and insurance-based healthcare.

When asked if he expected the country to have single payer, Reid said “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

Obama isn’t the least bit worried about the ‘train wreck’ coming our way. He doesn’t care that the data hub with all our information isn’t up-and-running nor does it bother him that the exchanges are delayed. None of that matters.

When it all comes tumbling down, the only option will be government healthcare. People will be dependent on the subsidies beginning January 2014 and the insurance companies will eventually be obliterated or at least powerless.

All of the bad news about skyrocketing premiums feeds right into the end-goal. The inevitable crisis in healthcare that Obamacare will cause will also allow the government to step in as saviors.

Obamacare will be Medicaid for all with some exemptions, such as those given to Congress. Eventually, unions will likely get a carve out.

Ironically, 90% of the populace was happy with their healthcare prior to Obamacare.

Most Republicans do not want to take on the fight to defund Obamacare and they seem to think it will crash under its own weight. To believe that is to believe that the powerful, monied interests driving the train don’t know how to drive.

Even Russia is abandoning their single payer system, but that won’t stop the far-left from forcing a similar system onto our nation.

This is our last chance to stop Obamacare. Republicans need to stand for this if nothing else.

The following video includes clips of what has been obvious all along – Democrats want single payer.

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