Democrats Created Segregated Black Ghettos, Seriously Harming Black Culture


Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, WI, on Hannity’s show on May 20th, called out the “President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing as being filled with elitist “lap dog bureaucrats” and “academic elitists” who are all unelected and who will now transform our law enforcement and justice systems.

The right is “kind of getting it” but the leftists are distracting from the real problem of the American ghetto and that’s not our police.

The problem lies in the destruction of the black culture because of liberalism.

“It is modern liberalism that has been a wrecking ball on the black community and the black family structure.”

“Modern liberalism celebrates black underachievement, it finds excuses for subhuman behavior, and it blames other people for some flawed lifestyle choices, questionable at best lifestyle choices, made on behalf of many young black males, unfortunately. And I want to keep this focus on where we really need and where we can really make some strides and this is when we start to shame this culture.”

“This black subculture behavior that denigrates the work, the blood, the sweat, the tears of people who had to live through slavery and live through Jim Crow, because they would look at what’s going on today, Sean, they would shun this sort of behavior. They wouldn’t celebrate it like liberals and like modern liberalism has.”

Hannity asked why Obama ignores black on black crime and Clarke said he believes it’s because Obama uses the strategy of “divide and conquer” which has proven effective for him, along with his faux war on women, class warfare, racial division. It’s worked though two presidential elections so why stop now.

Obama, he says, needs to do some serious “soul-searching” instead of simply lecturing everyone else.

“How can you stand up and look, and kick white voters in the teeth, which is what you’re doing, Mr. ‘president?’ They elected you, in part, as well as black voters, but now he turns around and kicks them in the teeth.”

He said a couple of the House Democrats didn’t appreciate his use of the word “ghetto” to describe the slums, the American ghetto, which he finds descriptive. “In the 21st century we have a growing, permanent underclass in the United States,” he stated forcefully and disbelieving.

To back up some of this, there was an article on NPR days ago that Mark Levin reviewed last night which corroborates what the Sheriff said.

Levin made the point that he will not be “censored” and will continue to use the word “ghetto”, Levin said. The article he quoted from is stunning. The federal government transformed integrated neighborhoods into segregated ones under FDR New Deal policies.

An article on NPR begins:

Fifty years after the repeal of Jim Crow, many African-Americans still live in segregated ghettos in the country’s metropolitan areas. Richard Rothstein, a research associate at the Economic Policy Institute, has spent years studying the history of residential segregation in America.

“We have a myth today that the ghettos in metropolitan areas around the country are what the Supreme Court calls ‘de-facto’ — just the accident of the fact that people have not enough income to move into middle class neighborhoods or because real estate agents steered black and white families to different neighborhoods or because there was white flight,” Rothstein tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

“It was not the unintended effect of benign policies,” he says. “It was an explicit, racially purposeful policy that was pursued at all levels of government, and that’s the reason we have these ghettos today and we are reaping the fruits of those policies.”

Rothstein spent years studying the issue.

His assertion after years and years of study is that the government created the modern ghetto.

One of the ways in which we forget our history is by sanitizing our language and pretending that these problems don’t exist. We have always recognized that these were “ghettos.” A ghetto is, as I define it, a neighborhood which is homogeneous and from which there are serious barriers to exit. That’s the technical definition of a ghetto.

Robert Weaver, the first African-American member of the Cabinet appointed by President Johnson as his secretary of Housing and Urban Development, described many of the policies that I’ve described today in a book he published in 1948 called The Negro Ghetto.

The Kerner Commission referred to the ghetto.

This is a term that we no longer use because we’re embarrassed to talk about it, and we need to confront our history and stop sanitizing our language and talk openly about what we’ve done as a nation and what we need to do to undo it. And we can’t talk openly if we’re going to use euphemisms instead of being explicit about what the reality is.

He goes on about the government policy that took integrated neighborhoods and made them segregated.

Its policy was that public housing could be used only to house people of the same race as the neighborhood in which it was located, but, in fact, most of the public housing that was built in the early years was built in integrated neighborhoods, which they razed and then built segregated public housing in those neighborhoods. So public housing created racial segregation where none existed before. That was one of the chief policies. [Emphasis mine]

Another government policy under FDR New Deal Progressive Policy forced blacks into the ghettos and denied them adequate services. Whites were then convinced if blacks moved into white neighborhoods, they’d bring ghetto conditions with them. This was all started under FDR for the purpose of taking integrated neighborhoods and converting them into segregated neighborhoods under federal government policies of the New Deal.

The second policy, which was probably even more effective in segregating metropolitan areas, was the Federal Housing Administration, which financed mass production builders of subdivisions starting in the ’30s and then going on to the ’40s and ’50s in which those mass production builders, places like Levittown [New York] for example, and Nassau County in New York and in every metropolitan area in the country, the Federal Housing Administration gave builders like Levitt concessionary loans through banks because they guaranteed loans at lower interest rates for banks that the developers could use to build these subdivisions on the condition that no homes in those subdivisions be sold to African-Americans

In the ghettos, government policy — municipal policy, for example — denied adequate services, garbage wasn’t collected frequently. African-Americans were crowded into neighborhoods in the ghetto because so much other housing was closed to them and as a result, housing prices in ghettos were much higher than similar housing in white areas. Rents were much higher than similar housing in white areas … because you had a smaller supply. It’s the basic laws of supply and demand. … So this created slum conditions.

So when African-Americans managed to break out of those slums and buy a home in a neighboring area, whites could be persuaded that slum conditions were going to be brought with them. So the real estate agents would go into these neighborhoods and try to panic white families into selling their homes cheap to the real estate agents. Read more…

They would not let the market work they took our freedom, and out of it all was born segregated policies. It was out of the left’s agenda. The Democratic party got its early strength from slavery, then opposition to voting rights, then opposition to civil rights.

Fifty years after Jim Crow, blacks are still segregated into metropolitan areas as part of the left agenda.

Most blacks still live in Metropolitan ghettos created by the federal government through housing manipulation, subsidy programs, and funding policies.


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