Democrats Hope to Besmirch Mitt Romney with Sensata Technologies Non-Scandal


Barack Obama has no record of success to run on other than praising himself for the killing of Osama which he takes full credit for, while giving no credit to the CIA intel, and some credit to the SEALs who actually carried out the mission.

Oh, excuse me, he does have the unsuccessful GM fiasco to run on. The unions are happy now but they won’t be when they realize they can’t make it in the long run, thanks in part to his interference in the bankruptcy.

What does a campaign do with a failed presidency? Our president is devastating our economy and has no plans for slowing the spending. The left’s only recourse is to try and destroy their opponent with mockery, lies and exaggerations. Biden led the way last week with his clownish performance.

The latest smear campaign against Romney concerns a company he is invested in, Sensata Technologies. It is going to be covered by leftist Christopher Hayes who dug up some disgruntled worker for an interview next week. I wonder if the worker is a union leader or has a sick wife. There is no doubt that Hayes will fail to mention that President Obama was also invested in Sensata. [Fox News]

Doesn’t everyone in the U.S. who has a portfolio also have investments in China? I bet if you examine Trumka’s portfolio, interesting things will turn up. “For many sophisticated and wealthy investors, as well as for ordinary workers invested in pension funds, China is a part of any diversified investment strategy,” or so says the NY Times, linked below.

Thanks to Bill Clinton’s globalization, NAFTA in particular, our companies have been forced overseas. Sensata is moving to China under NAFTA.

The bizarre hate-machine, the Daily Kos, hopes to use it to bring down Mitt Romney.

Even Jake Tapper feels Sensata is worthy of discussion. I doubt he will look for faux victims however.

The left is not happy about Benghazi-gate and they hope a Sensata-gate will distract the electorate.

The issue, to be more specific, is that Romney has a blind trust which includes holdings in Sensata Technologies, an Illinois company which Bain Capital purchased from Texas Instruments in 2006, years after Romney left Bain. Sensata has been outsourcing work to China and the Illinois plant faces closure in November.

The New York Times notes that Romney had nothing to do with the decision to close the plant though they do want him to interfere with Bain Capital’s decision to close the plant because he was once in charge. That would be like me going to my employer of 2006 and telling him how to run the school.

Progressives argue that Romney still profits from the plant closing through his blind trust. That’s really desperation on the left’s part. It reminds me of their going back to Romney’s high school days when he cut a student’s hair as a prank.

Who the hell cares.

The New York Times noted that as a former Illinois state senator, Obama “has as much as $100,000 in a state retirement plan that contains shares of Sensata Technologies.” Is that okay? Isn’t that as serious or not serious, to be more accurate?

Can I mention again that all of this is happening more than a decade after Romney left Bain?

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