Despicable: We Have Forgotten Our Veterans Even in Death


Someone's child

by Gary Spina and Sara Noble

We not only don’t provide our veterans with adequate healthcare services, we don’t always give them a proper burial after they die. We let their bodies “pile up” in a Morgue.

A friend of mine is really upset about this story. She wants to send a rose for each coffin, or do something — anything, to make it up to these vets.

Twenty-eight veterans at the L.A. County Morgue were finally moved to Riverside National Cemetery on Friday. In the past year-and-a-half, there were as many as 60 veterans in that morgue, unclaimed. No one seems to know for sure how long they were there.

The VA says they were never notified the bodies were ready for burial but the VA doesn’t have a lot of credibility these days. The Morgue blames the VA.

The Morgue said that they wait for long periods because there has been a personnel change in the VA office and they have stringent identification/eligibility processes.

The VA spokesperson said no one told them the bodies were “piling up there.”

Something that should take a few days has been taking a year-and-a-half and then the veterans are buried with no one in attendance – no one playing taps, no honor guard.

The initial problem was that most of the vets were homeless or indigent and their bodies went unclaimed. The scandalous aspect of the story is the length of time the bodies lay in the morgue, and how many bodies are in question. “No one knows,” is not an acceptable answer.

Unmentioned in the CBS story is a time-frame. How long had these homeless and indigent vets been returned from active duty in a war zone? Other questions beg answers. What was the cause of death for each vet? When they were discharged from active duty, had they ever received job counseling from the VA or ever received physical of psychological care at a VA hospital?

I’d be willing to bet, for each unclaimed body there is a unique and fascinating story of heroism and survival — both overseas and on the streets of LA. Does anyone care?

Illegal immigrants are receiving Obamacare and some are receiving subsidies because we are on the honor system. They have been encouraged to apply in states like Oregon and California. In LA, State Senator Ricardo Lara is demanding fully-subsidized Obamacare for illegal immigrants. As Michelle Malkin has said, it’s inevitable that they will receive it. What we don’t do is provide adequate healthcare for our veterans who have served our country and risked their lives for us. They shouldn’t have to wait for cancer screenings or to see a psychiatrist and yet we keep them waiting for months, a year, or longer.

We have a president who kept aged and dying veterans out of D.C. Memorials so he could make a political point and cast dispersions on Republicans during the government shutdown that was anything but.

Our veterans sacrificed so much. They were each someone’s child. How could we allow this to happen? What kind of people are we?

I guess Memorial Day has come and gone, and as Hillary Clinton would say: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”