Doctors Opting Out of Medicare Have Tripled


Obamacare morass
Photo of agencies that come between you and your doctor under Obamacare

Doctors are opting out of Medicare, Medicaid and even private insurance.

Medicare hasn’t seen an increase to payments in 15 years. Obama took $700 billion plus out of future payments to Medicare doctors and hospitals to “pay for” the free Obamacare.

Any thinking person should realize that someone has to pay for the “free” healthcare. Seniors will pay by being forced out of Medicare and onto the exchanges, which will one day be single payer government healthcare clinics.

Fewer US doctors are enrolling Medicare patients. Payment rates combined with insufferable rules make it hardly worth anyone’s wile.

Under a budgetary formula enacted by Congress in 1997, physicians could see Medicare reimbursements actually cut by 25% in 2014 unless Congress intervenes to delay the cuts, which it has done several times.

There were a few enough doctors for the elderly and handicapped to begin with.

In three years, the number of health professionals rejecting Medicare has tripled! Others are limiting the number of Medicare patients they take in.

Currently, 9,539 physicians who had accepted Medicare opted out of the program in 2012, up from 3,700 in 2009. That compares with 685,000 doctors who were enrolled as participating physicians in Medicare last year.

Medicaid is even worse.

More-and-more doctors are not participating in private health insurance contracts as well.

Maybe doctors who worked very hard for their degrees don’t want to work for “free?”

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