Egypt-Gaza Border Now Open


Israel has been in this place before. They have faced war with the determined terrorist group, Hamas, in the Gaza strip.  If Hamas chooses war with Israel in the near future, we won’t be surprised, but the situation is different this time around. The last ally of Israel in their part of the world is Jordan, a country which is also dealing with significant internal unrest. Hamas is emboldened by an uncertain Mid-East U.S. policy and the rising power of the Muslim Brotherhood (and its offshoots) in the region.

Three incidents indicating Hamas’ intentions are detailed in the article below. One incident is described as follows: But there’s more. Hamas can fire an advanced anti-tank rocket because the Egyptian revolution has ended a regime that acted in its own interest to block most arms shipments to Hamas. The Egypt-Gaza border is now open. Terrorists and superior weapons are flooding into Gaza. Read more here: Is Hamas Moving Towards War With Israel