Elite Leftist Magazine Says Fox Will Abandon Rubio


Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News,
Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive officer of Fox News,

The New Yorker wrote just yesterday that Marco Rubio has enjoyed support from what they snidely refer to as “Republicans’ media arm Fox News.” They then refer to the friendly interviews, prime-time response to Barack Obama’s Oval Office address on ISIS and the support of their top pundits Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer and so on.

The author Gabriel Sherman then says he heard from three Fox sources [who are anonymous of course]:…Fox chief Roger Ailes has told people he’s lost confidence in Rubio’s ability to win. “We’re finished with Rubio,” Ailes recently told a Fox host. “We can’t do the Rubio thing anymore.”


In addition to disappointment over Rubio’s lackluster performance, Ailes is allegedly mortified seeing his name in the New York Times article reporting “the dinner” in which they are said to have colluded with him to sell amnesty.

We reported on that on this link. That Times article sounds like more lies from the left. They tried to cast suspicion on Rush Limbaugh as someone who was bought.

While it is true that Fox has pushed Rubio and given little attention to Cruz who actually is winning some states, they’ve given the same amount of time or more to other candidates. Trump has gotten the most.

The New York Times article says the dinner was in 2013 and Rush remembers a dinner taking place in 2011, so who knows. it further claims “Roger hates seeing his name in print,” a longtime Ailes associate told me. “He was appalled the dinner was reported,” the source said.

Something is being misreported here. These are leftists who are at war with Fox. Wouldn’t they just love it if Fox lost its viewers?

“Already, there are on-air signs that Fox’s attitude toward Rubio has cooled. This morning [Wednesday], anchor Martha MacCallum grilled Rubio about his poor Super Tuesday performance. “Is that a viable excuse at this point?” she asked, when he tried spinning his second-place finish in Virginia,” Sherman reports.

Well, yeah, of course, Rubio isn’t doing well while pretending he is!

The article mentions a tough interview Martha McCallum conducted with Rubio Wednesday morning but Martha does tough, honest interviews. That’s who she is. I don’t believe she is part of a conspiracy.

Hannity is said to be furious he was mentioned in the Times article [maybe because he’s innocent]. I don’t believe Hannity is part of a conspiracy, at least not on the word of a leftist.

However, what was interesting on his radio show Wednesday and on his TV show last night, was he went to great lengths to put Rubio down and say that this new, mean Rubio isn’t Rubio. Rubio is being told to act like someone else by the establishment. Rubio is being nasty. He made no mention of how nasty Trump has been, possibly because when Trump does it, it’s funny.

The word from Mr. Sherman is that Fox is looking around for a new candidate to support.

There are only two viable ones left and they aren’t John Kasich. If they try to push Kasich on us, they will ruin whatever credibility they have.

Just the same, I don’t believe a word I read in the New Yorker or the New York Times. The Times is doing such a hatchet job of Fox and Republicans with spurious stories lately, especially this past week, that they are in danger of destroying themselves.

My favorite fake New York Times stories from last week are the ones in which they blamed Germany for the refugee migration and the one where they whitewashed Hillary’s role in Libya was another fun faux concoction.

I don’t believe any of our corrupt media. There could be truth to this story or it could be a lie.

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