Progressives Want to Control Everything


In the latest batch of Podesta Files 34, we have the Progressive – Globalist – Marxist – plan for governance. It’s alarming if you are in any way a traditional American.

Email 56649  has a Powerpoint presentation of their complete takeover. There will be no dissent under their governance, of that there is no question. Check out this first slide of their plan to seize control of the media.

They want to control it all.



You can see where they are focusing their Marxist efforts on this map. They are very well-organized and are continuing to grow and expand their networks of social justice warriors throughout the nation.

Their plan to use foreigners to further their agenda is quite clear.


This is about pure Marxism. Next is one paragraph from the framework for nationwide, state by state Progressive governance.

Progressive Governance

For the purposes of this project, “progressive governance” is defined as the ability to implement and sustain long-term change that can further social justice. “Progressive” refers to a commitment to equity and justice and is rooted in the values of economic inclusion and democratic participation. In using the term “progressive,” we are not referring to any particular political party; rather, our analysis is directed at understanding what changes in the broader policy and institutional contexts would allow social justice goals to be more easily achieved. In using the term “governance,” our analysis is much broader than government; rather, we are referring to the political and power structures and processes that shape decision-making and include institutions that are both outside of and a part of government.


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