EPA Is Going After Farmers Now


The EPA is ready to use its illicit “Clean Power Plan” to impose vague “sustainability” standards on farmers. They want to count “biogenetic CO2” emissions.

The emissions come from grains and oilseeds and they are in the natural environment already. They come from the atmosphere and return to the atmosphere.

They are natural and do nothing to increase atmospheric CO2 and have nothing to do with CO2 from fossil fuels.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal on July 11, Bruce E. Dale, professor of chemical engineering and materials science at Michigan State University, wrote that EPA “is counting biogenetic-carbon emissions as if they were the same as fossil-carbon emissions. They are not.”

Dale explained that agricultural products such as grains and oilseeds contain biogenetic carbon, which comes from the atmosphere and returns to the atmosphere when these products are consumed, “such as when human beings eat bread and then breathe out the carbon dioxide resulting from the breakdown of bread in the body.” Biogenetic carbon, he says, “cannot contribute to climate change.”

The EPA doesn’t care. They’re not about truth or reality as they legislate and indirectly tax Americans illegally and do it without any accountability.

CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen explains this latest EPA overreach at CFACT.org:

“By appointing itself the biogenetic overlord of American farmers, EPA, not for the first time, is engaging in ‘mission creep.’ It is intruding on bureaucratic territory that has traditionally belonged to the Department of Agriculture. As Brian Seasholes, a former research fellow at the Reason Foundation, pointed out in a recent email, ‘The growing reach of land-use-control laws, coupled with increasingly aggressive pressure groups looking to find regulatable things on people’s land, and the growing power of remote sensing devices (satellite and drone imagery) is a massive and growing threat to landowners.’”

The EPA is deliberately misrepresenting the issue with its plan to regulate biogenetic-carbon emissions as if it were fossil-carbon emissions. This way, they can regulate sustainability in the farm field.

There is nothing these leftists – Democrats – won’t control. We will have no freedom if we don’t stop them.

The Green leftists are rabid supporters of the Paris sustainability Agenda, once known as Agenda 21, and they can do whatever they want to Americans and to the economy under an exaggerated view of global warming.

Expect carbon taxes and regulations on farmers which will be passed down to the middle class American.


Source: cfact.org, Craig Rucker



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