Every Election Impacts Your Wallet



Mention the word MONEY and it gets everyone’s attention.

Why is it then that some people cannot connect-the-dots that every election has an impact on their wallets.   Those who are elected set the policies and make the budgets that affect our finances.

According to the US census there are 313.9 million people in the USA and 207,643,594 are eligible voters.   In the 2012 National Election 126,831,812 people voted. That leaves  80,811,773 registered voters sitting at home not doing their Patriotic duty by casting their vote.  Polls are open from 6 am to 9 pm, if you have time to stop at Starbucks for a cup of joe then you certainly have time to take a few extra minutes to vote.

I often heard it said that “I don’t bother to vote because my vote doesn’t count”.  Well if 126,831,812 people felt the same way there would be no winners or losers in last years election.

If you are a registered voter who doesn’t vote then why are you registered?  It’s like owning a car with no steering wheel.  It serves no purpose.  If you took the time to register than you should take the time to vote, after all, there are National Cemetery’s filled with dead soldiers who fought and died to give you that right!

Maybe it’s hard to comprehend two hundred seven million six hundred forty three thousand five hundred ninety four voters.

But what if an election came down to one vote and your candidate lost because you didn’t feel vote because you felt that you vote wouldn’t count?

Just this past week, an election in Southampton, NY came down to one vote!   Two years ago, in the fire district where I live, my candidate lost by one vote.  One vote certainly does make or break an election.  The following year, that same person ran again and this time she won by over 50 votes! A landslide in a fire district election.    Everyone who didn’t see the need to vote the previous year certainly found the time to vote the next time around.

Why do we vote?   Well, every election has a direct correlation to your families future finances.

Every municipality has an operation budget, from our Nations Capital, State, Local, and Library and yes, even your “volunteer” fire department.   A fire department may be “volunteer” but it takes money to operate it and the District collects that money through your property tax.   I am living in the Nation’s highest fire district and you better believe voting out the Tax and Spend Status Quo commissioners and replacing them with the Tax Fighting Commissioners has certainly made a difference in my property tax bill!   My fire taxes have actually gone down because the expenses have been reduced saving me over $400.00 a year! How’s that for REAL CHANGE!.

Voting has a trickle down effect.   More people will vote in the State elections, less in the local town races and even less in the special districts such as School, Library and Fire Districts.  I bet there are people out there that don’t even know that they can vote in all these Special District elections or maybe they just don’t care.  But these Special Taxing Districts certainly have an impact on your property tax bill.  People mumble that their mortgage payment goes up every year!  Why?   Well, you haven’t spent more on the house you purchased at a set-price but the taxes go up and so does your mortgage payment to cover that cost.

Here on Long Island, our school taxes are nearly 70% of our total property taxes.  Yet, thousands of people don’t even bother to come out and vote on election night.   These same people will complain or move away but they do nothing to try and stop it.

Special Taxing Districts, like Libraries, Fire Districts and Schools, will hold their elections on different days other than Election Day to throw the people off track.   Elections come and go and people don’t pay attention to them until they get their property tax bill and wonder why their taxes go up every year.  The same people keep getting elected into office that control the budgets and when the operating budgets in these Special Taxing Districts go up and so do your taxes !!!   It’s time to look for candidates who want to reduce taxes, like the three we voted in at my fire district.

If you don’t vote, then you have no right to complain about Taxes! Just remember that someone has to win an election!  It will be either “your guy” or “their guy”, and when you don’t vote, all you are doing is giving the “their guy” the upper hand.

Mark your calendar, November 5, is an election day, now get out and vote because “What’s left in your wallet” will be determined by the people who vote!