Everyone Will Pay for $1 Abortions Under Obamacare


Last year, when Bart Stupak was asked by an Atlantic reporter if he still felt that Obama’s executive order was enough to live up to his expectations on abortion policy, Stupak replied, “Yes, because the president has had three opportunities to throw us under the bus, if you will, and he has not.” 

Guess what? Stupak was just thrown under the bus!

For those religious people who thought they had a problem with contraceptives and abortifacients, how about an abortion mandate?

A new HHS rule provides for $1 abortions by state health care exchanges and it will be funded by taxpayer dollars. The Hyde Amendment which blocks direct taxpayer funding of abortions will be circumvented with an accounting trick.

“To comply with the accounting requirement, plans will collect a $1 abortion surcharge from each premium payer,” the pro-life source informed LifeNews. “The enrollee will make two payments, $1 per month for abortion and another payment for the rest of the services covered. As described in the rule, the surcharge can only be disclosed to the enrollee at the time of enrollment.  Furthermore, insurance plans may only advertise the total cost of the premiums without disclosing that enrollees will be charged a $1 per month fee to pay directly subsidize abortions.”

In terms of government plans, there is nothing to prevent government administered health plans from covering elective abortion. There are concerns that if plans do include abortion coverage, states that prohibit abortion coverage will be forced to allow it.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. If Obama doesn’t care about violating peoples’ religious beliefs, why would he care about states’ rights?

HHS plans to come up with a rule for these government programs shortly. I think we all know how that will turn out.

LifeNews: …“This violates the Free Exercise Clause because religious exemptions are made for groups such as the Amish who morally object to purchasing any insurance, but no exemptions are made for Americans who have religious or moral objections to abortion,” Bordlee said.

“President Obama’s healthcare overhaul includes an ‘abortion premium mandate’ that blatantly violates the conscience rights and First Amendment religious rights of millions of Americans,” AUL president Charmaine Yoest said. “Nowhere in the Constitution does it require Americans to violate their beliefs and pay for abortions.”

ADF Senior Counsel Steven Aden says Americans should not be compelled to pay for other people’s elective abortions.

“No one should be forced to violate their conscience by paying for abortions, but that’s precisely what ObamaCare does,” he explained. “ObamaCare requires that employees enrolled in certain health plans pay a separate insurance premium specifically to pay for other people’s elective abortions and offers no opt-out for religious or moral reasons. Such a mandate cannot survive constitutional scrutiny.” …


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