Executive Order 13603 – How Dangerous Is It?



President Obama has been using executive orders (EO’s) in ways they have never been used before. He is using them to do end-runs around Congress by legislating from the White House. Some EO’s are dormant but pose a potential future threat. One of those is EO 13603.

President Obama signed EO 13603 on March 16, 2012. The purpose is to delegate authority and address national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950. It provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials and services to promote national defense.

It is an update and it is not much different from prior EO’s on the National Defense Resources Preparedness. However, one difference which is concerning to some is that the definition “national emergency” is now broader and it is quite vague. There were other subtle changes that might be of interest.

The EO includes all of Obama’s out-of-control agencies and they would have unlimited power if the president declared a “national emergency.”

Executive Order 13603 — National Defense Resources Preparedness allows the government to completely control our lives through the “industrial and technological base,” should the president declare a national emergency.

EO 13603 gives Obama the power over all commodities and products capable of being ingested by human beings and animals; all forms of energy; all forms of civil transportation; all usable water from all sources; health resources; forces labor such as military conscription; and federal officials can issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”

EO 13603 is the plan to control our economy and our lives in the event of a crisis endangering our national security. There are no checks and balances written into the EO.

Could a cyber threat be used as an excuse to use this authority? Could an economic crisis cause the president to take over retirement funds using this EO?

In Obama’s hands, this EO does give one pause.

President Obama is behind the nationalization of education, car companies, energy, school loans, housing. The growth of government and the unbridled spending seems endless under his reign.

One of the issues to be concerned about is his expressed desire to wrap his financial hands around the trillions in private retirement savings. A national financial crisis would allow him to do that.

Those are hypotheticals and there is no indication that President Obama will do any of that, however, the biggest concern is that we have now allowed our government to pass laws, EO’s, rules et al that give the government the right to do pretty much anything they want to us. We’ve been careless and inattentive.

We need an order like this but we don’t need an order that gives undefined and unlimited power to one person in the government who can then utilize his/her out-of-control government agencies as s/he sees fit.

For a historical perspective on EO’s, check out Forbes.com



    • Taking “your” country back? Surely you jest. I look at how old this post is and how there were talks of “the birth certificate” and the POTUS being a Muslim. And then this “take back our country” crap. It’s laughable. I even saw some fool say something about a race war Obama was starting. Some fool even said, “The one that cries racism is the racist.” Is that the spin you people put on it? Pitiful.
      The irony is it is you all who are crying racism, accusing a bi-racial President of a. Having a fake birth certificate b. Starting a race war. c. Being Muslim.
      Now is it just coincidence that the ONE President you accuse of these vile things isn’t White? This leads one to deduce that his race is the reason for this baseless, ignorant claim. After all, it was you people that said, “He who cries racism is the racist”.
      Now, here we are, Obama at the end of his 2nd term and I have heard him tell anyone to attack us White people. Even newly-elected President Trump has stated that Obama is American. I’m sure you all believe HIM, right? And lastly, do you paranoids realize or even KNOW that Ovama’s Black father was no where to be found at any time during Obama’s youth? He was raised by his White, AMERICAN mother and his White Grandparents. None of which were Muslim. So keep telling yourselves your “theories/lies in your mind turned facts” are true when it comes to this man starting a race war or being Muslim. By the way, I guess you all are saying our entire government is for the Muslim/Black racists then because the Secret Service and FBI, etc., gave this non-American, Kenyan-born, “half-breed” Muslim clearance to run our country. See how stupid that sounds? Are you all going to make up three same theories about our new First Lady since she is Slovenian? Surely she must be a Russian spy, right? Since anyone whose parents that aren’t American is suspect and as you all claim, race doesn’t matter.
      With that, I’m done here. I just find it hilarious that as of yet, there has been no race war, (if anything a lot of Blacks call Obama a “sell out”), no executive order of the one above, or one iota of proof that he is Muslim. If this is OUR country and you all love it so much, you would not disrespect our authorities and claim that they would clear a Muslim ready to start a race war to not only run, serve as our Commander and Chief for eight years. Maybe for once, you all will stop being hypocrites and acting like everyone that looks different from you wants to kill you. That makes you no better than the black lives matter people forever hollering racism.

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this out. It can be tiring and disturbing to write out (some) of his failures! :-/

    I sure would like to share this on my facebook page, do you mind?

  2. There’s been a race war in this country since it was stolen by the British settlers from black indigenous people of the Americas. Or was it only when Obama was elected is when you realized it?

      • What black people would they be. Simply focusing on the British is a tad bigoted since a whole range of different races entered the US, In any event the US won its little war in 1776. I think it was Americans via the ignoring of 600 treaties with native Americans, after 1776, that stole the land.

  3. What part of executive overreach do you not understand?
    If your only defense is racism, then you have no defense.
    Reality? Closed minded? How about projection?
    If this were a conservative, of any color or sex, you and you minions in the MSM would be apoplectic.
    Proof of point, when Ben Carson came out as a conservative, the MSM was calling him an Uncle Tom.
    How racist is to think all Blacks MUST be /progressive/democrat/leftists?
    Don’t lecture us about racists, the left are the most overtly racist and sexist among us.

  4. This message is simple!
    If you have any doubt in what is real or not, ask yourself this question..

    Is there a real source that you can honestly beleive in? If you believe in something is wrong then its wrong, if you believe that something is right then it is right but, if you are not sure what you believe then you are lost. There is a solution for all this corruption in our leadership men and women…

    If you believe that there is a God and a son then fight back or, if you believe there is an evil force at work between nations then prepare for battle. If you believe in neither then keep your opinions to yourself because you just might be on to something, or not?
    The real question is how much more time are going to waist?

    Do you think God will hold it against you for going to battle, I believe not! If God can destroy all things that are evil than so may who believes in him without consiquence.

    “Gods Amnesty for Men of Moral Attitude”

  5. To paraphrase, get a grip on reality and open your mind, Bob. Try to explain the merits of EO13603. Why the expansion, Bob?
    Why does it cause you to deflect?
    Racism is irrelevant and projected drivel.
    Have you no real understanding of the implications?
    Are you Barak?

  6. You are blind my friend. It’s not about race my son’s half black. Between all the lies and cover ups that have been going on for decades. Operation Northwoods operation paperclip and then you have 911 the sandy hook shooting that never happened. He’s a puppet and if u don’t realize what he’s doing your ignorant. They want our guns to take over. We’re the strongest civilian army in the world and they don’t like that. They dumb us down with the drugs they bring in. Do you know anything about strong city network? He singed another order last month that allows the UN to come and police us. If you don’t see all the signs then you my friend have no hope. Just lay down.

  7. NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS as EXECUTIVE ORDER 13603: is reviewed in this June 2015 article r – http://investmentwatchblog.com/executive-order-13603-obama-authoriz… and – – http:http://version2.independentsentinel.com/executive-order-1360/dhs-out-of-… We had a coworker ask How Dangerous Is Executive Order 13603 – ? What a question. BHO is flat dangerous when he has a pen in his hand and doubly so when he has a congress that will not review and strike down E.O.s that are obviously tyrannical in nature. BHO signed this in March of 2012. It’s the congress that needs the scalding reprimand when they see that the president has written such an order. -https://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/RS20846.pdf – – Congressional Revocation and Modification of Executive Orders Congress may also influence the duration and effectiveness of executive orders. Orders issued pursuant to authority provided to the President by Congress, as distinguished from orders that are based on the President’s exclusive constitutional authority, may be legislatively modified or nullified.62 Congress may revoke all or part of such an order by either directly repealing the order, or by removing the underlying authority upon which the action is predicated.63 Either of these actions would appear to negate the legal effect of the order. Congressional repeals of executive orders are relatively rare in modern times, primarily because such legislation could run counter to the President’s interests and therefore may require a congressional override of a presidential veto. One study has suggested that less than 4% of executive orders have been modified by Congress.64 To effectuate a repeal, Congress need only enact legislation directing that provisions of the executive order “shall not have legal effect.”65 For example, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 explicitly revoked a December 13, 1912, executive order that had created the Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 2.66 In 1992, Congress similarly revoked an executive order issued by President George H. W. Bush that had directed the Secretary of Health and Human Services to establish a human fetal tissue bank for research……. So here we are in 2016 with a Republican majority and past logic told us that if this president should write any more E.O.s that border on tyrannical WE THE PEOPLE had better see an immediate “knee jerk” revocation of the same. But the bottom line here in view of this late date and the context of this entry seems to carry the message – – In the meantime keep your powder dry, larder stocked and walk with the eye in back of your head peeled for trouble.

  8. Obama IS white, half white. And you did not know that his mother is white? Anyone who objects to him is a racist? Personally, like many, I don’t give a rats ass what color he is. And BTW, I couldn’t get past your first few sentences because of your ignorance. Go back on your meds.

    • Rider – You are correct, of course: as the saying goes – “We don’t hate cause you’re black; we hate the white half too”!

  9. It figures that someone like you would try to discredit this, if that’s more people like you in this country then we are really in trouble because you won’t get it until it actually happens and went it does it’ll be too late for you.

  10. You all never get tired of that same response everytime someone disagrees with what obama is doing ,do you? After all if someone disagreesthey must be white and a racist or they would agree .. .lmao so according to how i see your line of thinking ; you must be black ,a racist , think obama is perfect( like Jesus was only better cause he’s black), and therefore nobody could possibly disagree because what obama is doing is wrong . You must really be clueless, while obama is black , unless you are muslim obama doesn’t give a damn about you. You may as well be white lol

  11. And, you, unfortunately, seem to function not out of your own reasoning & mental researching & real life experiences but docily follow the SCRIPT of Hillary/Obama Progressive Agenda. All that is the same script such as, for example, if you disagree with Obama on politics & beliefs then that makes that person “racist”(really?). If you really believe that, you would do better to follow your own advise because this kind of thinking is sick. Or, then, you are truely a Prigressive/Marxist. The majority of True Americans are not on that RIDE.

  12. WOW! Bob, you seem to know a lot for someone that dont even live in the US….we all carry guns? Where did you pick that one up at? The local pub? After all, you are Irish and making assumptions about how racist we all are so it shouldnt bother you that I make a few of my own. But just to set you straight, Bob…we dont all carry, and many of us dont even own guns. Do we believe we have a right to protect our families from those that dont care about laws? You bet your Guinness lovin ass we do. Do we accept that our jails are “cesspools of illegality and crime?” Hate to let you in on a secret “Bob” but jails have CRIMINALS in them, so naturally they will have crime… if your Irish jails lack this do tell your secret! And lastly “Bob” all of us are not the “paranoid racist” you think either. Easy for you to sit there and run your mouth when your in Ireland…”bottoms up” Bob….

  13. You’re a belligerent racist fool Bob with no real argument. The person who cries racism is the racist. The article states truth and facts and said nothing whatsoever about race or racism. Face the truth or be a tool for the Communists until they take you and yours.

    • If u go way back in trumps history his father was a racist and attended the lynching on black folks but when u vote for trump or hillary u are voting for the 2 evils

  14. It’s great when a foreigner, all in a single comment, can point out everything that’s wrong with “white America” and then ask “what’s wrong with you” at the end of their explanation. Yes, yes we are all paranoid! Just like white water, Monica Lewinsky, Hilary’s Parkinson, 9-11, Obama’s birth certificate are all crazy conspiracies…. Please enlighten us white racists further on what else we’re wrong about.

  15. You Clearly work for the government and wrote this to true this important information off topic funny how this EXECUTIVE ORDER 13603 has now been removed off all government sites Pdf 10 pages removed as if it never was.

  16. It is hard to imagine the ego inflation that precedes a post like this.` It is not that the content is all wrong. It is the arrogant, know-it-all, holier-than thou attitude that requires some serious soul searching and, if not too late, a change of heart.

  17. Clearly this is nothing but Trump supporters. What have this world come to when just to even let this man be able to run for president. It’s a joke and its not about race its about ignorance

    • Lesley – in your case it would seem to be about ignorance, since you know nothing of what you speak. Trump is a true patriot; unlike Hillary Clinton he has not spent the last 40 odd years breaking the law, lying, and, in general, being a sociopath. I, my spouse, my brother, sister-and-brother in law, all have TS/SCI clearances. Just her HAVING the server is a violation of the Espionage Act; to have kept classified material on it, to have tried to destroy it, and to lie to Congress about it, is worth 25 to life in a Federal pen. This is FIRSTHAND knowledge, since all of us with clearances were BRIEFED about this, and other violations, of the Espionage Act. The Clinton Foundation, from which they have garnered 154 MILLION dollars in just 15 years, is clearly a “pay for play” racket; this is exactly the sort of the to which the RICO Act (racketeering) is applied. As a Navy vet, she killed the people in Ben Ghazi as surely as if she had pulled the trigger. She lied about it afterwards; she said in front of Congress “What does it matter now”?; it matters to the families of those lost and to all of us veterans. Also, General Ham immediately came out and stated that he could have had a COBRA gunship (a C130 with numerous heavy machine guns mounted; devastating weapon) in Ben Ghazi w/in TWO HOURS of being notified. For telling the truth about her (and DUMBOEARS) failure to act, he was fired! In fact the current administration of which she is a part has fired NINETEEN Admirals and Generals who refused to play their socialist games (gay troops, gay marriage, etc). You just keep right on going in dreamland if that’s what gets you through the day.

  18. Independent my ass, no people’s are “independent. Historically the so called 13 Colonies were an amalgamation of dysfunctional misfits who believed that “their” colony was “SPECIAL” by boundary lines. BS! You cannot have an independent person, township, settlement, city, county or state. The primary reason for a “union” was to get England off of its clutches. What in the hell makes a Main state superior over a South Carolina state? etc. The North so called lording over the South? The truth was and remains so is the we now have 50 states claiming they are “special people”. BS! Every state politician makes a fool of themselves due to their perceived uniqueness . Petty adult behavior. A nation cannot be a nation without lording over each states pettiness. This pathetic human behavior has produced more harm then good. Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Representatives huffing and puffing like teenagers. Besides being a puppet to SPECIAL INTEREST public corporations. Besides out right liars and thieves for personal gain. Americans are a knee jerk people. We wait for something to happen then we eventually act-react to a so called crisis. We have failed as a people to our own high and mighty self image of self righteousness as a person, a stateist and a nation. Political party devisiveness is a petty trait we cling to. We actually allow our communities and nation to become infected with vermin of socialism, atheism, liberalism and faggotism, and we are supposed to be PROUD? You actually allowed a fool like Obama to be president twice? You actually allowed a criminal to compete for the presidency? This truly exposes how stupid we can be. Americans refuse to look in the mirror and admit that a certain pride of INDEPENDENCE is dangerous and irresponsible.

  19. The question u need to ask yourself that obama is white his mother was full white and his real father was black but he was raised my his steph father that was Indonesian and he was muslim

  20. More than three years have passed since Obama was in office. No martial law was ever enacted under him, so all you RWNJ chicken littles got your panties in a twist over nothing.
    “The purpose of this executive order is to delegate authority and address national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950.[2] Executive Order 13603 provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials, and services to promote national defense.[3]

    A number of viral emails claimed that the executive order “creates martial law.”[4] Similar claims were repeated by Texas congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas in a constituent newsletter; she later retracted her statements.[4] In reality, the order updated long-existing directives that have been issued ever since the Truman administration.”

    It’s now 2020, with an impeached idiot orange con man UnPotus and grifter is in the WH who owes the Russians a shit ton of money. We’re a helluva lot closer to martial law now than we ever were with a nonexistent threat, a figment of RWNJ imagination, when Obama was a respected POTUS. Far from perfect, but trump* is still in rookie league while Obama is in the HoF.

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