Explosives, IS Converts, And A Shooting Aimed at Cartoonists in Garland, Texas


Elton Simpson
Elton Simpson is one of the two gunmen shot in Garland, Texas at the ‘Draw Mohammad” contest. The event was organized by Pamela Geller.

So far, the attack is not being called a terror attack. It’s probably workplace violence. Barack Obama undoubtedly thinks it justified.

He appears to be the same person who tweeted out the threatening messages a half hour before the attack.

The other attacker was his roommate, not yet identified.

Their car appears to have been damaged by an explosive.


Simpson, a Muslim convert, tried to join a terror group and was well-known to the FBI. He was on a no-fly list.

He was convicted in a terrorism incident and given probation in 2010.

Several alleged IS followers tweeted before the attack.

The threats:

ISIS tweet

Shariah is Light

More tweets:

Islamists at Duke University said this:

Other comments from Twitter:


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