Far-Left Crazy Louis Farrakhan: ‘The American System Has to Be Taken Down’


Farrakhan 2

Hate-mongering racist and so-called minister, Louis Farrakhan, is stirring up violence and misleading the people as usual. He now insists “The American System Has To Be Taken Down.”

It used to be that people calling for overturning the American form of government were labeled traitors. Oh well, at least Kim Davis is locked up. I feel so much safer.

Six crazy quotes from Louis.

  1. “You are not now, nor have you ever been a citizen of America. You are a slave to white America.”
  2. “My god will wipe this country (America) from the face of the earth.”
  3. “One on the Jewish people: “You are wicked deceivers of the American people. You have sucked their blood.” And another: “You see everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating six million Jews. That’s right. But don’t nobody ever ask what did they do to Hitler.”
  4. “White people are potential humans – they haven’t evolved yet.”
  5. “The Mother Wheel is a heavily armed spaceship the size of a city, which will rain destruction upon white America but save those who embrace the Nation of Islam.”

Farrakhan and or his soldiers can be found wherever there is strife against whites and Jews. In Baltimore the Nation of Islam can be seen here with the Bloods and Crips, making gang signs along with them.

1Nation of Islam with bloods and crips

Remember when the Mayor of Baltimore thanked the Nation of Islam after she let the criminals blow off steam and loot and burn down stores?


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