Brutal Kings, Degraded Women, Inhumane Punishments in the Cradle of Islam


saudi arabia

Fifty beheadings in a day, women tortured for speaking out about gang rapes, poets and bloggers killed for dissent, gays slaughtered, but I’m not talking about ISIS, I’m talking about our ally Saudi Arabia who now sit on the UN Human Rights Committee.

Saudi Arabia is among our most dangerous allies – they are the protector of the most restrictive form of Islam but we don’t understand what that means.  We are lulled into apathy towards them because the leaders are fat, rich kings as opposed to men wearing masks and flashing swords.

Our ‘moderate’ allies sponsor terrorism throughout the world and we should be concerned about the proliferation of Saudi mosques in the United States.

Victim of violent gang rape suffers 200 lashes and six months in jail for the crime of speaking to the press
Victim of violent gang rape suffers 200 lashes and six months in jail for the crime of speaking to the press

According to Amnesty International over 150 people have been killed in 2015. A recent article by a Georgetown professor says that Saudi Arabia often escapes condemnation because of its close relationship with the United States.

The article by Arjun Sethi noted that in 2014…President Barack Obama visited the kingdom but made no mention of its ongoing human rights violations. In return, he and the first family received $1.4 million in gifts from the Saudi king.

Despite its appalling human rights record, Sethi writes, Saudi Arabia was awarded a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council last year and this summer was selected to oversee an influential committee within the council that appoints officials to report on country-specific and thematic human rights challenges.

His article was banned by al Jazeera and other networks throughout the world.

Saudi Arabia is the home of Mecca and the keeper of the “purest” form of Islam and Islamic law.

It is the birthplace of Mohammed, the site of the Hijra by which Islam marks time.

The Saudi king is formally known as the “Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques” (in Mecca and Medina). The despotic Saudi kingdom is governed by Islamic law — sharia.

There is no other law and no other law is allowed. It is this law – from the peaceful religion – that gives them the right to enslave, behead, and deprive people of freedom. Any dissent is apostasy. They kill homosexuals and apostates in brutal ways.

Sharia and US law cannot coexist and in fact sharia and human rights cannot coexist. Sharia translates as “the path” and governs all aspects of life. While it has spiritual elements, it governs behavior in economic, military, political, legal and social life.

If Islam is the religion of peace, why does it have laws that can only be protected by cruel punishments and violence?

When we are told that a little sharia is not a problem, we are being lied to. Sharia is meant to infiltrate all aspects of a devout Islamist’s life and it is based on ideas such as women are equal to children and non-believers are infidels to be excised. There can be no freedom under sharia.

Dr. Qanta Ahmed is a pulmonologist and sleep disorder specialist who practiced medicine for years under sharia law in Saudi Arabia before immigrating to the United States.

Her new book entitled, In The Land Of Invisible Women: A Female Doctor’s Journey In The Saudi Kingdom, details what life was like under sharia.

Women are not considered adults, they are minors under the law. Even boys have superiority over women. They are infantilized with no freedom to travel. When she left the country, her passport belonged to her employer.

They can’t interact with men, travel without a chaperone, swim,compete in sports or read censored material .

“As a physician I had all the powers and all the opportunities I would have had here in the United States,” Dr. Ahmed explained on Hannity. “But as soon as I stepped away from the bedside in the public space, I had no freedom of movement, I was mandated to veil, meaning not just a minor scarf but a cover covering my face, clothing on the body. I had to leave my car keys in the United States.”

Even western men in Saudi Arabia became accustomed to treating women in a degrading way, something Dr. Ahmed found very disturbing.

Only Islamic symbols can be visible and no other religion is ever tolerated. This is what they believe and westerners are simply infidels to them. Women are lesser than men. This is the real war on women and it is a war against our way of life.




  1. ‘sunni’ islamists have been disturbing the peace since the eighth century and they do believe the world is their oyster to be taken by force or persuasion. centuries of land-grabbing and back-room deals resulted in the biggest real estate venture of all time, historians called it the ‘ottoman empire’. after ww 1 took away the sultan’s keys to the kingdom, the majority of sunnis were left to fend for themselves under the rigor of the ‘lines’ drawn in the sand by the brits and the french, ’cause along with the keys went the where-withal and inclination to re-take-over the world.

    not so much though for the bluebloods of saudi arabia. they were allowed to keep their own ‘house’, without a western nanny, so long as they traded their only product in jeffersons and provided a parking space for the fifth fleet on their doorstep. having gotten a great deal on a domestic security system they wasted no time home-schooling the kids in all things salafist.

    ~ the best and brightest went out into the world in the late seventies to become the first suicide
    ~ in the eighties the ‘house of saud’ co-opted with the pakistani isi and provided madrassas to train off- campus.
    ~ under mr. clinton’s watch obl was recruited and brought into afghanistan to take the taliban’s lunch $
    (a gambit that led to 9-11 and another bite out of the fourth).
    ~ to this day dis-enfranchised talibs are ‘re-furbished’ in pakistan courtesy of mr. salman.
    ~ saudi arabia and some of her g.c.c neighbors are proud sponsors of isil but too modest to admit to
    their largesse.
    ~ when mosques are attacked they are shia and the bomber is sunni.

    despite the evidence that can be accessed with a library card, all of our presidential wannabe’s are calling shia iran the ‘world’s leading exporter of terror’; so i expect the saudis are safe for another election cycle…b

  2. The Declaration of Independence asserts that governments derive their “just powers from the consent of the governed.” By contrast in Islamic law all authority derives from Allah alone–and accordingly, non-Muslims have no right to hold political power, at any time, in any place.

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