“Feminists Against Vaccinations” Satire Is Awfully Far Out


When I saw the above tweet on Weasel Zippers, I assumed it was satire but, then again, who knows. There are people who believe any negative anything about vaccinations.

There are posts from the same group on Facebook and they date back to February 5th with various ridiculous links and articles.

One of their posts says, Feminists against Vaccination is expanding as a community, bringing together diverse feminists from all corners of the internet, and all walks of life. We have almost reached our 15 subscriber milestone! I would like to personally thank all of you for protecting children everywhere from the dangers of “big-government” vaccines, as well as helping to promote positive gender identity for all women. The following is a genius quote from a smart man. If you read carefully, you will find the brilliant metaphor comparing the big government to “greedy swine.”

Since they say they have almost reached their 15 subscriber milestone – 15 being minuscule – it appears to be satire.

They have one post on Facebook which was – frighteningly – shared 103 times. It compares forced vaccinations to rape. Hopefully the shares were to make fun of it.

This isn’t really funny to me and it seems to go too far. What do you think?

loon meme

The anti-vaxxers, led by ex-Playboy nude bunny Jenny McCarthy, are putting others at risk with their refusal to have their children vaccinated. There is absolutely no evidence vaccines are tied to autism. They are harming the general public by allowing their children to go around unvaccinated.

It should be mentioned that McCarthy now says she is not anti-vaccine, just anti-too-many vaccines in one sitting. She started a lot of trouble with her movement but now appears to have turned a corner.

Satire should make people realize the absurdity in an argument, not draw more people into the absurd argument. This satire seems to be more dangerous than effective.


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