Ferguson PD’s Racist Emails Are Out But The Real Story Is Far Worse


The real story behind Ferguson is that a completely fabricated story by a criminal cohort of the late Michael Brown was snatched up by the media and used to distort the truth. Very radical groups rushed into Ferguson to use the lie to bring about anarchy and demonize white police officers and the justice system in general. A handful of racist emails were made into a cause célèbre to spread phony and exaggerated racism charges and further leftist causes. Those emails have just been released.

The entire Ferguson PD was labeled racist partly because of 14 pages of offensive emails by three people who were fired. None were given severance packages according to the St. Louis Dispatch. It took a couple years and who knows how many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to unearth this stuff but they got it all.

This was on one page.

offensive joke1


And another.

offensive jokes 2

And another

offensive jokes3

There were two other jokes that were worse but there were two not hundreds, not dozens – two. Sometimes people send these things out without thinking. It’s so easy to press “enter”.

Trevor Noah, the South African comedian who is replacing Jon Stewart, is considered funny for cracking jokes like this:

In 2009 he wrote: “Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn’t look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car!”

June 2012, “South Africans know how to recycle like israel knows how to be peaceful.”

On November 28, 2011, he joked, “A hot white woman with ass is like a unicorn. Even if you do see one, you’ll probably never get to ride it.”

Granted, Noah doesn’t work for the government, but it’s interesting to know that the left allows anti-Semitic jokes but not anti-minority jokes.

Gov. Walker’s aides were fired for similar types of jokes.

People are dumb for using work mail to send offensive jokes, but should entire organizations be painted racist over it? Why did so few care when government employees and professors in colleges were caught watching porn for hours? Why were they not fired? Why are professors in the University of New Mexico teaching about fulfilling the dream of La Reconquista and the overthrow of our government by whatever means necessary?

Does anyone doubt offensive anti-Bush and anti-Reagan jokes were shared in places where government business is conducted?

Do we have freedom if we are liberals but not if we are something else?

Why is it okay to paint George Bush as a monkey?

high on google

Why is it okay to paint a target on George but Sarah Palin couldn’t say any liberal was in the crosshairs?


Or to lie about his war service?


The government is paying out millions to Hollywood to insult Republicans in movies. Philomena was one such movie which subtly painted the GOP as rabid homophobes. A widely-disseminated social work textbook demonizing Ronald Reagan and our Republic is used in publicly-funded universities.

Not to condone sending racist emails at work, but how much freedom do we have and how much overreaction will we allow to intrude on our freedoms?

The story that was lost in the manufactured “Hands Up” movement is that it was run by Soros-funded radical groups and it was not real. it never happened. That’s the real story. What is also lost is that the officers in Ferguson have been going out every day and risk their lives to serve and protect under terrible abuse and a lynch mob mentality, not by the people of Ferguson except for the criminals perhaps, but by outside groups who want to create anarchy and chaos.

Bill O’Reilly said recently that some of the groups Soros gives to are “loathsome beyond description”…He [Soros] is certainly comfortable with his money bringing harm to other human beings.”

That’s an understatement. What is hard to understand is why we tolerate people like Soros and why we tolerate a lynch mob over a fake story but go bonkers over a handful of racist and/or offensive emails.

The people behind Ferguson included Farrakhan, the New Black Panthers, the Radical Revolutionary Communist Party and many other far-left groups.

Check out who provided the signs for the Ferguson protests in New York City on this link.

That’s the real story.