Forging Passports Is Okay If You’re Here Illegally!


mccain and obamaPhoto off John McCain with BFF Barack Obama

The immigration bill champion, John McCain himself, was asked by CNS News how many forged passports were permissible under the Senate immigration bill. He said he didn’t know and couldn’t even say if it was part of the bill.

A person here illegally, as it turns out can forge a passport twice without repercussions. After that, they are finally charged with a crime.

If you forge a passport even once as a citizen, you will face 15 years in prison and a $250,000 dollar fine. That’s fair, right?

The reason McRINO didn’t know the answer to the question is because he didn’t write the bill nor did he read it. Much of the bill was written by radical left groups including the racialist organization LaRaza. The White House claimed that they completely managed the writing of the bill. If you read the bill as I have, you won’t doubt that what Obama said is true.

Now John RINO Boehner is talking about passing the monstrosity piecemeal.

No one, and I do mean no one, is looking out for the citizens, legal residents, and legal applicants for citizenship of the United States.

Full story at CNS News