Fraudulent Environmentalists Stealing Beaches From Inhabitants of Hatteras Island


Hatteras Island Beaches Closed To Residents By Thug Environmentalists

Have you seen the bumper stickers that say, Save OBX (Outer Banks)? Well, it’s for real. Extremists are using birds as an excuse to force the inhabitants, tourists, fishermen and surfers off the island.

The Audubon Society is comprised of many opportunists who have used the cloak of environmentalism to invade Hatteras Island and steal the beaches from the inhabitants. They want the beaches reserved for themselves and for the handful of birds they falsely claim are endangered. These beaches were never meant to be a bird habitat. Hatteras Island has been a recreational/tourist area for people, homes, and businesses for decades.

The Audubon Society is forcing the closing of beach access on Hatteras Island through lawsuits which they have pursued aggressively, using threats and political influence. They’ve destroyed the living conditions and livelihood of many residents and businesses, some of whom are third and fourth generation families.

The government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the residents off their own beaches, but has done nothing to help them as they lose their businesses and their homes. Since 2008, over 50 businesses have closed and there have been 400 foreclosure filings.

It’s a war against people, fishermen and OVR users (who are mostly surf fishers). It’s all being done in the name of protecting the birds, particularly the Piping Plover. One of the arguments used demonizes OVR drivers as reckless when there is no evidence that it is the case. The birds are doing just fine and there is no proof otherwise.

The environmental groups still walk and drive along the stolen beaches freely, which only THEY now use.

Is this still the United States? If you don’t think it can happen to you, think again. Your land could be next if this kind of thing can happen in this country.

The following videos give a good idea of what is going on down on Hatteras Island. It is land theft pure and simple and has nothing to do with bird protection. The residents have been abandoned by their government. The Audubon Society denies they are closing the beaches to the people as they force the closures and they cannot be reasoned with.

The Audubon and the Southern Environmental Law Center are also trying to close the bridge to Pea Island (the only bridge) while pretending they aren’t. They are also calling Pea Island a Wildlife Refuge, when it is actually home to over 4000 people. Here is an excerpt from the Audubon site –

“‘WASHINGTON (January 5, 2011) – The following are statements from the Southern Environmental Law Center, Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon North Carolina and the National Wildlife Refuge Association:

‘We agree that the bridge must be replaced, and soon. But decision-makers are sticking their heads in the sand by ignoring the main problem: how to maintain a safe, reliable route from the end of the bridge through the precarious, unstable barrier island,” said Julie Youngman, senior attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. “Like Alaska’s ‘bridge to nowhere,’ this plan will create North Carolina’s ‘bridge you can’t get to’ as the island continues to erode.’

‘We’re disappointed that NCDOT and the Federal Highway Administration have chosen to approach this significant project with blinders on,’ said Adam Kron, staff attorney for Defenders of Wildlife. ‘Highway 12, in its current location, will continue to wash out with every major storm. By approving the parallel bridge, the agencies have doomed the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge to become a permanent construction zone and done a disservice to Hatteras residents, who deserve a reliable and safe route on and off the island.’

‘Building this bridge will force traffic through the shifting sands of Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, undermining the ecological integrity of the fragile refuge and threatening the sea turtles and birds for which it was created,’ said Walker Golder, acting executive director of Audubon North Carolina.

‘In a triumph of politics over reason, the federal government has chosen to endorse a bridge proposal that will undermine the ecological integrity of a National Wildlife Refuge while also saddling U.S. taxpayers with a limitless construction bill thanks to climate change and sea level rise,” said Evan Hirsche, president of the National Wildlife Refuge Association…'”

Now, the latest is that there is one week to save the pea bridge, so named for the wild peas that grow there. The environmentalists say they want the road open, but they want it only accessible by ferry or boat. That certainly ends tourism and the businesses still surviving despite the extremists. I don’t doubt that many of the environmentalists are sincere, but they are being whipped up by the anti-people, anti-private property totalitarians and that is the shame of it.

“…Dr. Michael Orbach, Director of Duke University’s Marine Laboratory and Coastal Environmental Management Program (Beaufort, NC, Southern Outer Banks) and National Surfrider Board of Directors member, from 2002 to 2006, is indifferent to either bridge plan.

‘My own feeling as a citizen and environmentalist is to go back to a ferry system. I am certainly aware of the complexity of this situation, but when all is said and done, North Carolina’s ‘retreat’ policy, is reasonable for most of the barrier islands, certainly in the National Seashore,’ he says, ‘The issue would be how to maintain access to the area from Rodanthe, north to Oregon Inlet.’

He is one of many who favors maintaining the road, but eventually making it only accessible by foot or boat.

Please consider getting involved in helping the Hatteras Island residents (and I don’t mean the birds) through OBPA or through North Carolina Beach Buggy Association because you could be in the same situation one day. You can at least voice your opinion by August 17th and ask them to rebuild the bridge.

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