George Demos & the Question of Ethics


Update: An ethics complaint against Republican Congressional hopeful, George Demos, continues to work its way through the judicial system (see background information below if you are unfamiliar with the case).

A letter dismissing the complaint was received by the complainant, Peter Z. Sivere, on September 23rd of this year, and was signed by Republican appointee, William J. Keniry, Chairperson of the Committee on Professional Standards for the Third Judicial.

The decision by the Third Judicial was sealed, preventing Mr. Sivere from receiving answers to several questions: Does Mr. Keniry, for example, have a conflict of interest? Since he (Keniry) helps select candidates for the Bench, Mr. Sivere “…would like to know if he (Keniry) has ever actually met Demos, whether Demos (or his campaign) consulted him in setting up his own run for Congress … and what the recusal rules are for members of this Committee.”

On October 11th, Mr. Sivere filed an appeal with the Clerk of the Court, Mr. Mayberger, Esq. His letter begins:

“…The present action represents the very worst form of governmental abuse, where many individuals with a history of turning a blind eye and ignoring internal rules, regulations and laws work for an agency (Securities and Exchange Commission) that has tolerated, if not outright fostered this type of behavior.

Now,  the Committee of Professional Standards seeks to hide their misconduct from the public by sealing Grievance Committee File ____ forcing me to file this appeal to the Court for judicial review.  The sealing of this file precludes the public from being able to access documents upon which this Court made its decision. This Court sealing also, in effect, precludes me from being able to discuss the truth of what happened in regard to how this investigation was conducted over the past two years…”

Anyone who reads this blog, knows I’ve gone down to the Occupy Wall Street movement several times as an observer, and I am no fan. The reason I am not a  fan is because they are seeking the overthrow of our government and the end of Capitalism, neither of which is acceptable to me.

There is very little I agree with them (the OWS) on, but, on one thing we can agree, and that is the problematic relationship between Wall Street and D.C. The mistake of the OWS (occupiers of Wall Street) is that they confuse crony capitalism with all capitalism. Most of us detest the former. I want our government to succeed, which is why I want them to clean up their act.

Blogger, Larry Doyle, has an interesting take on the incestuous relationship between the SEC and D.C. and it is worth the time to read the link because it is at the core of our problem with a mismanaged Wall Street and our representatives in D.C. The problem does cross party lines.

The Demos case is  one of the cases that has been cloaked behind a veil of secrecy. It is a case that involves an SEC agent (Demos) revealing (assumedly) confidential information to JP Morgan Chase (Sivere’s employer). There is a serious ethics question involved, but there is no transparency, no pathway to truth. Let’s hope the Demos-Sivere case sees the light of day.

Download Files: Dismissal.jpg and JudicialReview.docx
Background information here: POGO investigation of Demos


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