George Soros Is Undermining Our National Dialogue on Immigration of Islamists



Hackers, possibly tied to Russia, have exposed thousands of Soros documents from operations in Latin America, Eurasia, Asia, the US, Europe and the World Bank. The hacktivists accessed the internal network, sensitive docs, and programs. It’s clear that Soros is the puppeteer who was giving Obama — and now likely Hillary — foreign policy advice and even, in one case, step-by-step instructions on interfering in Albanian foreign affairs.

On Monday, Pamela Geller reported that the DC Leaks website exposes the evil George Soros’s extraordinary involvement in attacking anyone in the US opposed to unfettered immigration of Islamists and illegal immigrants.

Soros believes in globalization and open borders. He is a communist who will shut down all opposition if he can. He sees as problematic the one network that isn’t under his control — Fox News — and expects the entire media to echo his beliefs which they are doing.

An open society requires a diverse, independent, and highly-functioning press that can provide factually accurate reporting, sort out fact from fiction, and help hold both the public and private sector accountable. Fast-paced and dramatic changes in technology, advertising, and consumer habits have upended the field of journalism, and fear- mongering and unsupported opinions increasingly supplant facts. The problem runs deeper than Fox News, which has a relatively small viewership. A fractured media creates echo effects in American public discourse, by which lies and manipulations spread through multiple channels, often deliberately amplified by private interests…

Under the title Opposition Research, it is clear he was very involved in forming and manipulating opinion against the right:

As noted above, U.S. Programs has not invested substantial resources into researching the individuals, organizations and ideologies responsible for rising xenophobia and intolerance. We are in the process of determining how we can strengthen our investment in this area. Two important grants are described below.

Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress (CAP) has formed a multi-disciplinary team to expose the structures underlying the Islamophobia movement. It also plans to engage the progressive community in developing strategies for combating anti-Muslim bigotry

CAP’s first step will be to interview and engage journalists, researchers, academics, and leaders in the anti-hate movement who are researching and writing on Islamophobia, and to develop a roster of knowledgeable and credible experts to whom journalists and policymakers can turn for information.

Check out the enemies list:

It will research and track the activities of the most prominent drivers of Islamophobia, including Stop Islamization of America, led by Pamela Geller; the Center for Security Policy, led by Frank Gaffney; David Horowitz’s Freedom Center, which sponsors Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch; the Middle East Forum, led by Daniel Pipes; the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, led by Cliff May; and Keep America Safe, led by Liz Cheney.

In addition, CAP will examine the role played by right-wing media, the Tea Party movement, prominent politicians, pundits, and conservative donors in spreading anti-Muslim sentiment. CAP will produce a major report and recommendations for follow up opposition research work that are scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2011 and will produce a series of articles through September 2011…

…The Center for New Community also operates the Which Way Forward Initiative to educate and mobilize African Americans around anti-immigrant attacks that directly affect their communities. The goal is to create multiracial coalitions to counter the racism perpetuated by anti-immigrant groups.

George Soros has been pushing open borders throughout Europe and they too will lose their society as will the US.

Soros and his allies will make us come to heel.

A 2009 document marked “classified” from George Soros’ Open Society Institute calls the Obama presidency a “make or break” moment for “transformative change” in immigration reform, “racial justice,” and a myriad of other issues. [Emphasis mine]

“We are living in a ‘make or break’ moment for building open society in America. There is no need to wax eloquent about why. The factors were not all in play even just a year ago,” Ann Beeson and Bill Vanderberg wrote in a document titled “Special Funding to Seize This Transformative Moment.”

Soros is leading the charge.

Tyrant-a-Soros Lays Out a Costly Asylum Plan for the “Selfish” EU to Follow

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