George W Bush Is an American Hero in Africa


George and Laura in Africa

photo of George and Laura Bush in Africa

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Ellen Ratner, a liberal Democrat and Fox contributor, voted for Barack Obama twice. Even so, she recently wrote a beautiful article about George W. Bush and his wife Laura who worked to save countless lives in the South Sudan. The story can be found at FoxNews. It’s well worth the few minutes it would take to read. It’s not a political story. It is a story of a great vision and the man who lead the way.

When Barack Obama first ran for office, the people of the South Sudan were excited about the prospect of a Kenyan son becoming President of the United States. There were T-shirts and placards everywhere. The excitement has since disappeared and they now turn their thoughts to a former President – George W. Bush – who, as Ellen Ratner wrote, “saved more lives than any American President.”

HIV/AIDS is a killer of women and children in Africa.

At his 2003 State of the Union address, George W. Bush announced his “President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief” (PEPFAR.)

via Ellen Ratner

The result was the largest upfront contribution ever made by any country to fight HIV. And the numbers are staggering.

Five million children, women and men have received antiretroviral treatment under PEPFAR. In 2010 alone, 600,000 pregnant mothers received treatment so their newborn children would not be infected.

Yes, millions of people live productive, healthy lives due to Bush 43.

George Bush’s great work continues and he has created real change in Africa. George Bush saw the problems in Africa for what they were and put $15 billion behind the vision he had to change it.

There is much more to the story…read

Ms. Ratner notes that George Bush and Laura now work tirelessly to save women from cervical cancer, a rising threat in the world.

I knew about George Bush’s contributions in Africa, something he has gotten little or no credit for, but he is getting it now and his contributions will live long after he is gone.

George Bush is an American hero in Africa, not Barack Obama, and he deserves our respect.