Global Social Engineer Bill Gates’ Comments on Immigration Raise Alarm Bells


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At the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, who stole Windows from Apple, wants to steal your wealth and well-being. He told bbc news that the US needs to also take in more refugees like Sweden and Germany which would be millions in a year.

“Well, certainly, I think the US should take more refugees in..Sweden and Germany are to be congratulated” for opening their doors to refugees.

Germany alone has taken in 1.1 million and expects 1.5 million and with their family members it could be much more, the bild reported.

The Soros-de Caprio-Buffet-Bloomberg-Obama friend is congratulating two countries currently in turmoil because of the rapefugees they’ve flooded into the country. Gates and his rich buddies stand to make a lot of money off refugee labor.

Gates said that economic development would stem the tide of migration from some countries though there is no sign of that.

Gates wants us to be more like the third world nation of Ethiopia, which used to be a source of refugees, but has now taken in “more than any other African country”.

It’s not the case that this massive influx will aid economic development. The EU is expecting a tidal wave of refugees that they fear will break them by the end of this year.

The refugees in one three week period from last year to this went from 1,600 to 35,000.

“We see today that in the first three weeks of the year, there were 35,000 people crossing the (Aegean Sea to Greece) from Turkey,” Mark Rutte, Holland’s prime minister, said at the World Economic Summit. “Last year, it was only 1,600 in the full month of January. When spring comes, the numbers will quadruple. We can’t cope with these numbers any longer.”

Sweden has taken steps to stem the flow because it became unsustainable. Denmark is making sure pork is served daily in their schools to send a message to the refugees that they will not change their culture for them. Other nations like Sweden and Germany are more concerned with accommodation than assimilation.

Bild, the German tabloid had a story up yesterday about refugees storming the women’s dressing room to molest them and emptying their bowels in the swimming pool.

In Johannisbad, the bild reported, a refugee masturbated in the hot tub.

It was confirmed in a letter dated 19 January that summarizes a report of the security that service the city ‘s baths.

Gates and his philanthropist friends are “creative capitalists” who see the benefit of using government to spread philanthropy. Not all voters and taxpayers will agree. They also believe in social engineering the world and have great influence on shaping it in every area.

h/t Dan Greenfield and Herb Richmond

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6 years ago

Gates is a vile man that has no regard for the human race. There are so many big and bad things he is involved in. The best way I can summarize it is that he wants to corral human beings like animals, with he and his fellow elites as the caretakers.

Herbert R.
Herbert R.
6 years ago

Thanks for the h/t. God divided the world into national entities with geographical boundaries. This is God’s system for safeguarding mankind by providing a balance of power among nations, rather than a concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals who proceed to play God and attempt to control the world.

Connect the dots...
Connect the dots...
5 years ago

Bill Gates is a Freemason. Ring a bell?